A Quick Observation About Harry Potter


I recently began rereading the first Harry Potter book, and it’s pretty fascinating (I haven’t read it in a good few years). First off, the writing is a lot… quirkier than I remember. It feels like a weird caricature of life, where things don’t quite have the same impact as they do in our world. It’s not really important, but still interesting. Second off, it doesn’t really seem like an obvious bestseller (at least to me). The pacing is rather slow, and it’s all just very… odd. Especially in our Twilight-crazed times, it seems like it wouldn’t fare well. But that just goes to show you that sometimes, quality prevails.


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    • What’s interesting is that I’ve never truly loved it (and I was at the target age when the books were coming out, if a bit younger). For whatever reason, it never clicked with me, and there are other stories that I heavily prefer. *Shrug* It’s really quite cool, and it’s amazing just how much impact Harry Potter has had, especially since it’s so good.

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