‘Ello chaps


Hey look, there’s an unanticipated third person on the blog!

I’m GhostlyOtter, and I have no idea what I’ll be posting about but it might be artisty. Also that’s a word now.

So I’ll post…whenever I have something to post, I guess. I’m less brilliant than these other guys, so they can do most of the talking and smart observations and I’ll just draw stuff.

Speaking of which, have a bird.



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  1. As i hit “send” I saw “I can post anything in the tags, is anyone reading the tags?, look at these tags, xylophone” hahahaha :) (you don’t have to approve this comment if you would like to see if anyone else notices)


  2. Hello!

    I’m glad you like the bird. I checked out your drawings too, and they’re pretty awesome. :3

    Also, do you mind me asking where you found this blog? I mean, we -just- started it, so it’s kinda weird that somebody saw it already. >.>

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