e.g. "The Mona Lisa"

The Wordle for my 2010 NaNoNovel

I thought it fitting to include an image. Right? Anyway…

Welp, I have a blog now. How interesting. But enough about me–what about you? There are numerous reasons you might be reading this; I may have become super famous and you’re reading back through my old posts (or I’m unpopular and you’re reading through my old posts)… or you might just be reading this. I dunno, whatever.

In any case, this blog is for quite a few things. Primarily, I think it will be me praising books, movies, and games I like. Then will come critique of things I don’t like. And finally, I may post some original writing, just for fun. I plan to update once every couple of days or so, but don’t expect me to keep to that. :P

But anyway, welcome to my blog! I hope you like it here.


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