I Love Peanut Butter

Peanut butter 14juni09 001

PEANUT BUTTER! (Image via Wikipedia.)

After attempting to write two different stories today (and getting a good few paragraphs into one), I’ve found myself completely unmotivated.

So instead, I’m talking about peanut butter. And man, is peanut butter great! Put it on a rice cracker, a bagel, bread, a waffle… everything is better with peanut butter! And not the sugary peanut butter that’s got all kinds of extra stuff in it, but natural, plain peanut butter from Publix that’s just plain peanuts. This stuff is so great that all that’s listed in the ingredients is roasted peanuts. Delicious! I mean, peanut butter. Come on, you know it’s great! And it’s a great source of protein! And deliciousness! PEANUT BUTTER!

Ugh, I can’t even make a good article about peanut butter. >_> At least its awesomeness can sort of stand on its own. YUM.


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