Remember me?


GhostlyOtter here again. I haven’t been posting because:

a.) I’ve been kinda busy with COLLEGE STUFFS,
b.) I haven’t had anything to post, and
c.) I completely forgot how to log in.

(Well, okay, it’s pretty much all C.)

Anyway. Back on topic. Last Friday in math class, I suddenly realized “OH HEY EVERYTHING IS MADE OF SHAPES”. Now of course I already knew this, but it wasn’t until Friday that my brain figured out how to put it together and actually draw stuff with it.

So I did what all good artists do when they have a newfound ability to draw pretty much anything…

…and I drew ballerinas.


It doesn’t look too good on the computer, because I was lazy and just took a picture of it with my camera instead of scanning it. You get the point though.

(And yes, the man on the right is shirtless. My friends find this hilarious for some reason.)



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