Maximum Ride Rewritten: Part 1


((As I was doing my Maximum Ride spork, I couldn’t help but think that the book would be much more interesting if Max and her family actually were psychopaths, and the focus was more on that. So, there you go: I’m rewriting Maximum Ride, though I may not ever finish.))

I ran through the forest as if my life depended on it–my life did depend on it. I knew the men were closing in on me, I knew I couldn’t escape–but I ran anyway, not willing to give in. Thorns scratched my arms till they were bleeding, rocks pounded my feet, and my lungs felt like they were about to burst, but I ran anyway. I had no choice.

For what felt like forever, I ran like that, unthinking, unwavering. But my mind was forced to think when a gunshot rang out behind me and I heard a dull thud to my right. They were right behind me, they must have been, but I couldn’t give up, I couldn’t. I desperately wove through the trees, hoping to evade any more bullets, but it was slowing me down and the men were just getting closer.

No. No, this couldn’t be–I had come to a cliff. Skidding to a halt, my head automatically looking down and I stared into the valley below. Slowly, I turned around, and saw the men–hardly even men, with their snouted, furry faces and long claws–leave the trees and look at me, snarling.

This was it–I was dead, I had failed. I looked down, and saw red lights on my chest–and woke up.

That dream. It was always the same, always just as terrifying, always making me shake with dread. I opened my eyes, dreading what I might see, but there was nothing–just the post of my bed. Tentatively, for I had damaged my wings all too often by laying on them in the past, I worked my way out of bed and examined my room. It was always the same, of course, but making sure nothing was wrong always helped to quell my nerves. After thoroughly checking under my bed and in my closet, I looked out the window and sighed with relief; there was nothing in the forest.

Sure of my safety, I checked the clock hanging over my door. 6:00 A.M., just about sunrise. I had slept in. Looking around the room one last time, I opened my door and left in search of breakfast.


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