Maximum Ride Spork: Part Four


Man, this fight scene is a doozy. And not in a good way.

So Max says that Jeb taught them not to think, but to act, and so she launches herself at an Eraser and kicks him, remarking on his bad odor. Then:

After that, it was like a movie, a bunch of superimposed images that hardly seemed real. (pg 15)

So is it a movie, or superimposed images? Make up your mind, Max! Then again, she was taught not to think…

Oh! And inconsistencies!

I landed another blow, then an Eraser punched me so hard that my head snapped around and I felt a burst of blood in my mouth. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Fang holding his own against an Eraser–until two more ganged up on him, and he went down under flailing clawed hands.

Iggy was still upright, but one eye was already swelling shut.

Beyond shock, I scrambled to my feet, then saw the Gasman out cold, lying facedown on the ground. (pg 15)

So she scrambles to her feet… but she never fell down. Did an editor even look at this? Oh, and while I am not blind (and I mean no offense, and please correct me if I’m wrong) and cannot say for sure, I’m a bit uncertain a blind person would be able to hold their own in a fight, on account of not being able to see the enemy.

I leaped towards him, only to be grabbed again. (pg 15)

This is the first time Max has been grabbed. O_o

Blah blah blah, Max gets trapped by two Erasers, another punches her in the stomach and she drops to the ground, Nudge and Angel and crying and screaming, Max is trying to get up…

As weird mutant kids, we’re much, much stronger than regular grown-up humans. (pg 16)

I’m not an expert, but I don’t believe avian DNA makes people stronger. If anything, they’d just have hollow, brittle bones… which would make them, well, weaker.

Max and her family are getting beat up, and Angel screams as an Eraser grabs her. Max goes after her (apparently the Erasers just let her go after punching her in the stomach?), jumping over Iggy’s unconscious body but oh no! Two Erasers drop on her and she falls over, then somehow she falls back without getting back up. But the Erasers pin her down, and she watches as Angel gets thrown into a sack.

Suddenly, an Eraser starts talking to Max as if he knows her, and then reveals himself to be Ari, Jeb’s son. Apparently he’s been made into an Eraser, and is seven years old. However, his speech is not that of a seven-year-old’s; it sounds like he’s at least fifteen. It’s kind of confusing.

And so this two page (counting the first and last pages, which are not full, as one) chapter ends.


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