New Schedule for EmotedLlama


This blog has taken a slightly different turn than I expected, and I am now starting a schedule for original work. From today, Saturday 25th, September 2011, I’ll be posting one sporking and one installment of original work (Avery Trudge, Accidents, or MR Rewritten) per week, though don’t expect exact days. In addition, I may post random stuff akin to the I Love Peanut Butter post every now and then, or reviews, or other original work.

If I fail to adhere to this schedule, I do hope for suitably scathing tellings-off, even if I have to force NekoShogun to do it.

Cheers! (I think NekoShogun’s affinity for British slang is rubbing off on me…)

(Sorry to our subscribers for the post overload; I wanted to get all of the stories started.)


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