Adventures in Netflix!


Adventures in Netflix! Episode 1: Star Trek: The Animated Series

Welcome to the inaugural episode of Adventures in Netflix! A new series in which I search the vastness of Netflix for obscure, old, or just plane odd movies and TV shows, and then I talk about them! To start the series off I thought I’d do a week of “classic” sci fi. Up first, the 1973 first episode of Star Trek: The Animated Series.

Hey Kirk, you ah, look a little pale there buddy...

My first thought when I started watching episode 1 was, “Oh my god this animation is gonna suck”. My second thought was, “this theme song remix is actually pretty good”. My third thought was “oh my god the animation really does suck”.

After I got over how silly the animation looked, I was actually really impressed by the voice acting, thanks in large part I imagine to the fact that they hired all of the actors from the cast of the original series. The acting wasn’t perfect of course,   during all of the action scenes the actors sounded too relaxed and wooden, and the acting for the alien energy field was awful, but overall I thought it was decent.

It was interesting to see how being an animated TV show allowed the aliens and ships to be more diverse and creative. For instance, I don’t think there was ever anything as exotic as that guy on the left in the live action show.

And yes, that's a third arm sticking out of his chest.

And of course, there was an ample helping of camp and silly as well. Case in point: however uncomfortable and unwieldy, space suites are way cooler than dinky little force field belts. (See bellow.)

Maybe we shouldn't have eaten so much Andorien glow fish Mr. Spock...

All in all, I found myself quite enjoying the show. In its twenty-three short minutes, Star Trek: The Animated Series captured almost everything I love, and laugh at, about the original series, and indeed Star Trek in general. Pretty good for a show I had no idea existed a month ago.
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(Up next in Adventures in Netflix: Buck Rogers in the 25th Century!


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