Maximum Ride Spork: Part Six


Okay, so it turns out the narrative never actually said Max and her family can fly? Too bad the blurb does. Anyway, Max explains that the dream is reality, blah blah blah, she can fly, the School is evil, that stuff. I dunno, this just doesn’t seem very dramatic or shocking to me.

The rest of Max’s family follows her off the cliff, and they fly towards the Humvee. Fang grabs a dead branch off a tree and smashes it into the car’s front windshield, causing the vehicle to swerve. Suddenly, some windows of the car open and guns! Fang whacks the windshield again then swerves away to avoid the bullets.

So the Humvee is heading towards a helicopter and Max says their best chance is to get Angel while they move her from the car to the chopper. A bit of fighting, then Ari emerges from the car with a sack carrying Angel. He succeeds in getting her into the helicopter, and Max desperately grabs the landing skid. Ari points a rifle and Max, and says that she’s got it all wrong and that the School people are the good guys–apparently attacking and kidnapping people is being “good”. Max lets go so that she doesn’t get shot, and the helicopter flies off.

This was actually a pretty tame chapter; a bit more nitpicking might find some oddities in the way the whole thing played out, but it seemed okay to me. At least that’s something.

Max says that she and her family have raptor vision and were able to watch the helicopter going for much longer than normal. Max angsts about Angel being gone, and Gazzy throws himself onto the ground (?) and howls that they have his sister. I just want to interject real quick and say that Gazzy’s mannerisms really seem like that of a ten- or eleven-year-old, which is odd considering he’s eight and has had maybe four years of non-School life. Just pointing out that little discrepancy.

Nudge asks Max what they’re going to do, and Max takes off and hides in a tree. Max is sad, and says:

It was like I had just lost my little sister.

And like I had lost my little girl. (pg 25)

Only since she did lose her little sister/little girl, there’s no “like” involved. This is just kinda confusing. Max does some more angsting and sadness, including punching the tree and hurting her hands (note this), which is perfectly reasonable, and then resolves to come up with plan B and get Angel back. End chapter.

Max and her family go back home, and upon seeing Angel’s breakfast plate Iggy sweeps his hand across the kitchen counter and sends a mug flying into the side of Fang’s head. Fang exclaims about this, and then clenches his teeth and rolls his eyes at Max in frustration.

Try that, I dare you. I did, and I’m pretty sure I looked ridiculous. I mean, really. I can’t even think of something funny to say.

Max begins to clean up everyone’s wounds, and then gets interrupted by an internal monologue. Oh, and there’s this:

Suddenly, I’m a little kid again, wishing Jeb were back–or even, hey, wishing I was normal! or had parents!

Yeah, right. (pg 28)

While I have to assume “yeah, right” was meant as in “like that would ever happen”, it doesn’t really come across like that–instead, it looks like she’s saying “yeah, right” to ever thinking that. Maybe she is a psychopath after all?

Iggy then replies to Fang (even though the prose makes it seem like a minute or two have gone by), asking what happened (because, you know, he couldn’t see what happened even though he can run through a forest unaided) and why they didn’t get Angel. It’s a testament to Iggy’s non-blindness that I actually forgot he was blind and didn’t understand what he was saying. But anyway, Gazzy replies that they had a helicopter and guns and that they’re not bulletproof. Considering all the other weird things they can do for no reason, I can understand Iggy’s confusion.

Blah blah blah, Nudge is talking about how the Erasers didn’t kill them and how they wanted Angel alive. Then there’s a dramatic-written reveal that Angel was taken to the School, even though it was already pretty obvious and everyone should have known it. But hey, with three page chapters JPatterson has to find every little opportunity for some sort of cliffhanger. *Rolls eyes*

Anyway, that’s where I will end this sporking. Pretty tame three chapters, unfortunately, so this must have been a rather boring part. Oh, well.


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