Well, there goes November!


Welp, it’s December 2nd! But a month ago millions of people around the world began clacking at their keyboards, desperately attempting to reach 50,000 words. Not all of them won… but hopefully they all had fun! So, without further ado, here are the final word counts of EmotedLlama, NekoShogun, and GhostlyOtter.

EmotedLlama finished with 50,121 words, achieving him a win! He did not, however, finish his novel, which is surprisingly a good thing because it was reaching into areas he could not write.

NekoShogun finished with 33,196 words, and did not win. He did finish his novel, however (though it might be better called a novella).

GhostlyOtter finished with 1,733 words, which means she did not win. But she did draw some awesome artwork!

As you probably noticed, EmotedLlama (who will just be called “me” from now on, as he’s the one writing this post) never posted some of the things he promised. While there probably won’t be any of those reviews, I am intending to get that post about The Tale of Genji out Saturday… even if it’s not great, as I had difficulty reading it (read: I’m lazy). Regular postings will also begin starting Tuesday, when you can expect a sporking.


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