Maximum Ride Spork: Part Ten


And we’re back to Angel! She’s being forced to run on a treadmill by an EVILLL scientist, who apparently likes hurting her.

Now, this is interesting; the narration simply tells us Angel can feel the scientist’s “eager anticipation” for hurting her. This seems to contradict previous instances of her mind reading, where she picked up direct thoughts–people rarely think in direct thoughts, but it’s often used in narration to make things simpler. But why use direct thoughts and “he/she could feel X”? It’s rather strange. Not to mention that apparently crazy mutant kids think in direct words, but a scientist just feels things.

Anyway, Angel gives up and falls unconscious, dreams of Max, then wakes up in a hospital bed. The scientist is raving about how long Angel lasted (three and a half hours), and another is discussing about how they want to “dissect this recombinant”. Why it was necessary to call Angel a recombinant, I don’t know, and the whole bit seems to just be trying to bash the reader over the head with “THESE GUYS ARE EVIL, SEE! HATE THEM!”

They take Angel back to her crate, and she falls asleep, ending the chapter.

The first page of the next chapter is wasted with a cheesy, silly bit with Max forgetting where she is and blah blah blah, it’s nearly the next day! …Which, by my calculations, means they were sleeping for over twelve hours. Maybe this could happen, I guess? I really don’t know how much sense it makes. Fang starts loading up a backpack with cans and crackers and trail mix (because you leave a bunch of food in your vacation home? Also, no can opener) as Max gets her shoes out from under the couch.

…She was tired enough to sleep for more than twelve hours, and yet she took off her shoes?

Weirdness aside, Max briefly protests Fang taking the food, but Fang ignores her and she just… gives in? I don’t know, because the narration doesn’t even acknowledge it. They leave the house and start flying, and the chapter ends.

Soon into the next chapter Max says that they had been asleep for ten hours (somehow she knows what time it was when they reached the house?), which means she hadn’t gotten hungry the previous day till about five PM, after flying for hours, and only having had breakfast at around seven.


Somehow I feel as if I’m paying more attention to the timeline than JPatterson.

Some discussion and planning for when they get there, and the chapter ends.

The next chapter begins with some fluff, including a description of the land below as “Robin Hoodsy” because of the greens and browns. I guess Max earns some points for originality? Because I’ve never heard anything like that, nor does it even make sense to me.

Max focuses on some kids down below:

I glanced down again and refocused. Then I scowled. What had, at first glance, looked like just a bunch of boring, earthbound kids schlepping to school together now turned, upon closer examination, into what looked like several big kids surrounding a much smaller kid. Okay, maybe I’m paranoid, danger everywhere, but I could swear the bigger kids looked really threatening.

The bigger kids were boys. The smaller kid in the middle was a girl.

Coincidence? I think not.

(Note: I originally forgot to cite the page number here, and I did not catch it until I had a different copy of the book. Thus, I don’t want to be confusing and use the different pages numbers, so this mistake will be left in.) Um. Okay. Sexism aside, Max decides to go down and help the girl, because those boys are just so threatening! Fang protests a bit, but Max pretty much ignores him and tells him and Nudge to meet her at Lake Mead. Because they can oh-so-easily find each other at this huge lake. Aaand, the chapter ends.


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