Thievery: Part 5


They had gotten back to the house without incident, to Lora’s relief. The four of them were now in the living room, snacking–it was past lunchtime once they had gotten back.

Lora couldn’t believe it had been just hours since Dean and Roger had broken into her car. Despite the surprisingly easy time they’d been having, those hours had been quite draining for Lora–at least mentally. She had put all her diamonds in the same pouch, and if just one thing went wrong…

“I still want my diamonds,” Donald said.

“We still want to not be wanted.” Dean plucked a couple of chips from a pack and munched on them.

“Just what do you want me to do? I can’t just break into a police station and erase your files.”

“Can’t you?” Lora said.


“Could we leave the country?” Roger said, edging forward to escape the plush seat that was in danger of swallowing him whole.

“That seems rather extreme…” Lora trailed off–she’d really rather not go off to some foreign place and have to learn a foreign language and adapt to a foreign culture and deal with foreign people. Being in prison might even be preferable. At least she’d have a guaranteed place to sleep.

A loud creak from behind Lora interrupted her brooding, and alerted her that the front door had opened–it only creaked when it was opened too forcefully, as strangers were wont to do.

“Hide!” she whisper-shouted as cheerful chatter floated into the room.

Dean leaped out of his seat and dashed for a closet; Roger followed, looking scared out of his mind; Lora headed for the kitchen and pondered stuffing herself into a cupboard, then changed course for the bathroom to hide in one of the large cabinets; where Donald hid, she didn’t know.

Just as Lora settled into the empty cabinet, she heard a loud shriek coming from the living room. She didn’t move, however, staying hidden until she heard Donald’s voice–now she knew he was involved, and she clambered out of the bathroom and to the living room as fast as she possibly could, lest Donald do something stupid.

He was standing behind the couch, looking disheveled–Lora assumed he had been on the ground shortly before, the idiot. In front of him was a woman with blonde hair towering in a bun above her head, a fluorescent pink trench coat hiding the rest of her body. Behind the woman, who Lora presumed was a realtor, was a nondescript-looking couple.

“What–who are you?!” the possible realtor said, her eyes flicking between Lora and Donald in a manner that reminded Lora of a giant flamingo.

“I–Um.” Obviously Lora was unable to think straight, but the bright colors of the possible realtor’s ensemble distracted her further.

“Name’s Donald,” Donald said, sticking out his hand towards the possible realtor. It figured that he’d be the one to have a clear mind.

She just stared at the hand incredulously. “What are you doing here?”

“Not much, at the moment–talking to you?”

Lora shuffled to the right and looked at the couple, giving them a small smile and a wave. They glared at her in unison.

“Well–right. I don’t suppose you’ll be leaving any time soon?”

Donald seemed to ponder this for a moment. Then: “No, probably not.”

The possible realtor’s eyes narrowed, but she looked more annoyed than anything. She dug into a pocket of her trench coat and pulled out a cellphone in nearly the same shade of pink as her clothing. Flipping it open, she began to dial a number.

“No!” Lora said, rushing forward. “That really won’t be necessary.”

“I really think it will!” The possible realtor quivered, her hair following suit.

Lora made a grab for the cellphone, and the woman pulled back, nearly stepping into the couple (they were still wordless). Lora sighed, then said, “Dean? Roger? Please come out.” She heard the closet door opening and saw the woman’s face turn worried. “See, you don’t look much like the fighting type, nor have you been using this time to actually use that phone…”

Lora dashed at the woman and tackled her, grabbing the cellphone.

“Now,” Lora said as she stood back up, “we’ll have to tie you up, but I’m sure someone will come for you after a bit. There’s snacks on the table, anyway–I’m sure you’ll be able to reach them.” She turned to the couple. “Do you two have any objections?”

Both shook their heads, looking frightened, and Lora smiled. “Great, then! I’ll go get some rope.”

“So how did someone so ridiculously idiotic as you end up stealing a bunch of diamonds, anyway?” Lora said once they were a good distance away from the house.

“Well, I had some help from my brother…”

Fearing she’d lose control of the vehicle, Lora pulled over and glared at Donald. “What?! Why didn’t you tell us that? We could have–never mind, never mind, where is he?”

Donald looked baffled. “I’m not sure where he’d be right at this moment, but I do have his address if that’d be helpful…”

Lora rolled her eyes. “Where?”


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