The Flitt Legacy: Prologue-ish


I have absolutely no idea what prompted this, but a week or so ago I thought “hey, I should do a legacy in the Sims 3!” and here we are. (Note that this post has about fifty large-ish images.)

For the uninitiated, the Sims 3 is the third game in the long-running Sims franchise. The games are sandbox life simulators where the player controls little computer people, or sims, as they go about their lives. This means directing them to get jobs, marry, have kids, manage their six needs (hunger, social, hygiene, bladder, energy, and fun), and overall control every aspect of their lives. Players can also build houses and furnish them in numerous ways.

Then, sometime during the Sims 2, the legacy challenge arose. It tasked players to play a single family on a single lot through ten generations, earning points as they do so. For reference, here (opens in a new tab) are the current Sims 3 legacy rules. I won’t, however, be following some of the rules or playing for points; I’ll use the spirit of the legacy, but I find it more fun to play without too many restrictions. I will, for example, be starting on that largest lot and thus not have much money, and I won’t cheat.

In addition, I’ll be adding extra information by use of asterisks (if a word has an asterisk (*) after it, check the bottom of the specific image’s section to find more information) and if something in particular confuses you, please tell me in the comment section. For additional reference, try the Sims Wiki. (Opens in new tab.)

Finally, before I get into this, I cannot guarantee any type of schedule for the postings of these. I play Sims 3 for fun, and so it might be a week or two days in between posts.

Meet Penelope Flitt, my founder! Her lifetime wish* is to reach level five of four different careers (likely not to be completed), and her traits** are Excitable, Friendly, Handy, Neat, and Family Oriented. Hopefully they’ll help for the pre-maid, pre-babysitter, pre-anything stage. Anyway, say hello, Penny!

“Hi! It’s really awesome and exciting and amazing to be here! But… where’s my house?”

*Each sim has a lifetime wish, which when completed will give them lots of points that can be used to buy little rewards.

**Each sim has five traits, given out as they grow up or when they’re created. These traits effect how sims act as well as their predispositions to certain skills.***

***There are a set of over ten skills that govern different objects. Pretty much all jobs require specific skills to advance.

Well, this is a legacy, and you don’t get a house yet. See, the point of a legacy is to start from scratch and be poor and everything, then eventually rise to greatness as you–

“So, I don’t get a house?”


“Oh, okay. What’s next?”

Um. Yeah. Time to look for a potential spouse, I guess.


*The green floating thing is a plumbob, which is used to mark the currently selected sim. Since Penelope’s the only sim in my household, I can’t switch to a different sim to get rid of it so you’ll be seeing a lot of it at first.

Gah, I knew I shouldn’t have downloaded that hair.* Figures that only the cab drivers would end up with it.

*Additional hair, clothing, and other things not included in the game can be purchased from an online store. In this case it was free, so I nabbed it.

Penelope’s first stop is the park, which is a pretty central area of town and thus a prime place to look for mates. Ignoring the flying fish in the background (as well as the bathroom that I forgot to obscure properly*), let’s see if anyone’s about!

*Walls can be set to be up, down, or just up at the back. Here, I forgot to make them be up.

Hoo boy. Looks like nobody’s there, save for one…

Some guy by the name of Michael Bachelor. Go introduce yourself, Penelope!

I get the impression Penelope isn’t feeling it. Let’s see who else is about…

Nobody else has visited the park yet, aside from these four–two random women with a baby, and her:


So as Penelope finishes up with Mr. Bachelor, Crazy Lady sends a look in their direction–or mine. I can’t tell, and it’s sort of creepy.

*The plus icons are indicating that the two sims have increased their relationship with each other. If the icon is read and they’re minuses, the relationship has gone down.

I really hope that computer in her thought bubble* isn’t referring to me.

C’mon, Penny, let’s see who else is about.

*Sims will commonly display thought bubbles, which can show what they’re thinking of or talking about.

…Oh. Surprisingly, Mr. Unibrow (Alvin Aqbi or something) isn’t nearly as bad as Michael.

…Yeah. Moving on.

Penelope starts off with a “funny face” that I find more scary than anything. I mean, just…

Also note the abandoned toddler in the background.

Surprisingly, Mr. Unibrow seems to like the face and even returns the gesture.

Believe it or not, but Penelope’s talking about family here. Yeah… that’s enough of that. Moving on.

Meet the Bunches.

I think the middle guy is the parent, so let’s see if Penelope can hit it off with his son.

I send Penelope to greet him, and he immediately tells her a story:

“So there was a disco ball…”

“And it was shining on the paint pallet…”

“And there were beetles!”

“Hee! That’s so funny!”

…I don’t get it.

And as Penelope finishes up with Mr. Bunch, who else but a firefighter decides to run by! Given his full costume, I’m guessing there’s a fire that Penelope can prevent from being saved.

…Or not. Seriously, this guy just ran to the picnic table and started stretching.

I don’t even know.

Mr. Firefighter, that’s not very polite.

I don’t even want to think what that thought bubble might mean…

A bad first impression aside, they start up some riveting discussion. I think.

Penelope seems to like him, anyway–but she still only knows a couple of guys, and the park’s not really a happening place. To the gym!

While on the way, she gives the bird-glare of death to the taxi driver. What did this guy do to make you so mad, Penny?


…Fair enough.

And so Penelope arrives at the gym, whose only inhabitants are these four. Why they’re just chilling at the entrance like that… Anyway, let’s check out the two guys here.

No. Just… no.

Okay, he’ll do. Penny, go introduce yourself.

She does so, and then… they have a hilarious discussion about discussions. Right.

“Hee hee, he actually thinks we’re talking but we’re not!”

Behold the great wit of Penelope.

“The heck are you talking about?”

Yeah, she’s a smart one.

But this was getting boring, and I figured Penelope could do with a job–put her on the track to finish her lifetime wish and all that.

Now you’re in the science career, Penny! How do you feel?


Egads, I send you on the first step to completing your lifetime wish and you look like you just ate some rotten waffles?

…Whatever, time to hit the pool.

…Which is empty, save for a guy with his son (and thus unlikely to be eligible).

And of course somebody shows up just as Penelope dives into the pool. Let’s see…


Well, aside from the maniacal smile, he looks okay. Let’s see if they hit it off.

“Hey, do I get to marry this lady?”

That’s the plan… if she likes you.

“Ugh! You’re just so much you! You’re so… you, and I don’t like it! I hate you!”

O_o. So this guy goes from contemplating marriage to yelling at Penelope… for being Penelope. Hrmm.

“Looky here, mister! I might have ridiculous pink hair that I can assure you isn’t fake, even though it doesn’t really look like it, see, I had a really weird mom and I think she did some strange stuff when she was pregnant with me… What was I saying?”

Oh, well. C’mon, Penny, let’s get out of here. You can try the park again!

But pretty much the only sim there is Ms. Bunch, who I sent Penelope to play chess with… but she stands up and walks away while thinking about herself. Jerk.

It’s getting kind of late, Penny, want to go home? I bet the paper’s been delivered!

Gee, how riveting. Pie charts, thin Elvis, some girl who looks like she’s from Sims 2, and a fire. Really happening town.

Wait, Penny, what’re you doing?

“Calling Rusty!” (Rusty Scroggins, the firefighter.)

I honestly had no idea sims could do this by themselves. Bizarre.

“I have a house, but it’s not actually a house, just a wall, fridge, toilet, and shower!”

“That sounds kind of like a fire hazard…”

Her conversation covered such riveting topics as masks, begging, and firefighter himself, but I won’t bother covering them with pictures. Suffice to say, Penelope was rather hungry by the time she finished talking…

Um, what are you doing?

“You couldn’t afford chairs, so I’m sitting on the toilet. Duh.”

But… you could at least close the lid! Gosh, and you’re a neat sim, too!

How’s the ice cream? Is that… tomato flavor?

“It’s apple. And it’s good!”

Words fail me.

“Say, is it time for bed yet?”

Yes, actually. But there was just one problem… I hadn’t bought a bed. Thankfully, I had enough Simoleans to purchase one or I might’ve had to sell the shower. (Most boring story ever? Yep.)

So Penelope goes to bed, and dreams about such fascinating topics as science…


…And flowers.


Anyway, it’s here I end this “prologue”. Tune in next time for work, boring stuff, and probably a party!


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      • Has anyone ever done some sort of test to see if Sims who are “more attractive” or “normal looking” (less monstrous/bulbous/etc.) attract more Sim-partners or however it deals with amorous interest than “unattractive” sims? Does that make sense? I haven’t played it in years, and when I did I wasn’t really into it, but I remember something about little hearts if someone likes you. I wonder if you make a horrible mess of a Sim, does it result in fewer partner possibilities?

        I’m sure someone has tested this at some point, since some Sims players are totally addicted to it. Sims and Second Life … I will never understand the fascination…

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