Flitt Legacy Chapter One: All of the Flowers


Read the first chapter of the Flitt Legacy! (Just like the last chapter, this contains many images.)

Mornin’, Penny! Didja sleep well?


Great, then! Let’s get this day started.

First off is for Penelope to throw a party; since she only has the weekends off, I have to speed up my plans and have her throw a party after work. During this party I’ll leave her in free will, and whoever she ends up having the best relationship with will be her Destined Husband™.

Over the course of the past day, she met six eligible bachelors: Rusty Scroggins (the firefighter), Nick Alto (not sure where she even met him), Boyd Wainwright (her boss), Iqbal Alvi (Mr. Unibrow), Christopher Steel (from the gym), and Xander Clavell (the guy who yelled at her). All of them have been invited.

“Yaaaay, I get a party! It’s gonna be awesome and fun and everyone will have a great time!”

Don’t be too sure of that, Penny; free will can get pretty ugly.

A quick digression: I normally play with free will technically on, but I rarely actually let my sims act on their own. However, because free will tends to be funny, I decided to actually work with it for this legacy.

Hence this picture: After setting up the party I left Penelope to free will, and she decided to relax on her bed for a few hours. Because that makes total sense, right?

Come on, Penny, it’s an hour to work and you need to eat.

So I have her shower and eat… and then she goes back to her bed five minutes before the carpool. What is it about that bed, Penelope?

“Um, I don’t really have anything else to do. I have no real furniture.”

Erm, yeah, that’s right. Sorry.

“I have my bed, don’t I?”

So she heads off to work…

…And through the magic of storytelling, leaves just a picture later!

How was work, Penny?

“I don’t want to talk about it.”

Yeesh, just look at that face. I don’t think I want to know what went down at the science facility.

And who’s there to greet Penelope when she arrives home but her first party guest, Rusty Scroggins?

And as they chat about purple, Nick Alto arrives.

I don’t much like the look of him.

“So I hear you work at the science facility! I don’t really much care for science, so I’m not even sure why I’m bringing it up…”

Note how both Rusty and the newly arrived Xander are staring at him like that. But that’d be a trend as the party continued…

I think everyone but Xander is watching as Iqbal greets Penelope with…

Flowers! That would be a trend, too, but just you wait.

And I mean, how could you say no to that face? Such adorable fear in his face, that unibrow quivering in anxiety…

But seriously, everyone was giving Penelope flowers. Nick…


And Xander, who Penelope turned down (which figures, since their relationship was in the negatives).

I’d feel sorry for him if he hadn’t yelled at Penelope for no reason.

Um, Penelope, what’s wrong?

“I can’t walk!”


“I can’t get to Penelope, there’s no room!”


Christopher Steel made use of Penelope and Boyd Wainwright’s complete inability to move to give her more flowers.


Is it just me, or does Chris look kinda like a some sort of monster here? I’m almost expecting him to rip her throat out.

Rusty wasn’t to be outdone, however.

“Oh my gosh! This is, like, the fifth bouquet I’ve gotten today but it’s still so surprising!”

“I sort of hate this girl, but somehow I still want to marry her!”

Sure, Xander. Sure.

Penelope’s having nothing of it, though.

“Ew, I don’t want your flowers!”

“He’s behind me, isn’t he?”

Uh-huh. Be careful, he might give you more flowers.

But what happens next is even weirder, trust me:

While Nick insults Xander over a lack of housing or something, Penelope goes completely bonkers over butterflies. Only…

There are no butterflies. O_O

Penelope soon snaps out of it, however, and receives even more flowers from Iqbal.

Then there are more flowers from Nick. Seriously, I’ve never even seen sims give flowers autonomously before, and then everyone’s doing it all of a sudden! It’s like they all knew they were competing for Penelope.

A lot more flower-giving went on, and then something totally unexpected happened:

Nick yells at Penelope!

Uh oh, this isn’t going to go well…

“How dare you! And after giving me all those flowers!”


I’m surprised the party didn’t end after that blow-up, but it went on long enough for Iqbal to give Penelope yet another bouquet and Boyd to chat with her.

Eventually, though, everyone but Boyd’s gone and I send Penelope to get some dinner… while he chats on his phone. Don’t ask me.

He leaves about as Penelope’s going to bed, however, and the party was a success! The game called it “awesome, verging on epic,” which is about second from best. That’s better than a lot of the parties I throw without free will. Figures.

Penelope’s dreams are stuck on the fight, though, and since the party went so well and she’s got some extra cash from work…

I buy her a stereo!

Now, it’s time to check the results of the party: by the end of the day, Penelope has the highest score with Rusty, but Iqbal’s a close second. And, well, I like Iqbal (and he’s very unique, which I want in my legacy), so I decide that Penelope will have further relations with them both to test for a winner. But that’s later.

Penelope makes a beeline for the stereo after waking up, and immediately starts dancing:

…Don’t quit your day job. (Seriously, ’cause then you won’t get your lifetime wish.)

But, since Penelope’s fun is low, I let her dance till work.

Work didn’t go well?


That’s to be expected; you have no gardening skill, which you need for a promotion. Two days of work and Penelope’s performance is still stagnant.

First thing after paying her 9 dollar bills I have Penelope calling both Rusty and Iqbal.

…And after talking with each, Penelope’s relationship is highest with Iqbal. Congrats, Iqbal! You’re the newest legacy spouse!

But who’s that in the background, you ask? (If you’re not asking that, please do.) Well, that’s Boyd Wainwright, who’s been standing over there for a few hours now. I have no idea why…

But Penelope decides to dance with him, so it’s all good.

Except for their dancing skills, which are an 11 out of 10 on a scale of weird and creepy.

After a while, though, I send Penelope to bed and she heads off with a cheer.

Whether that cheer is of happiness or fear, I’m not sure, but it’s here that I end this chapter.


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