The Secret World of Arrietty


I saw this movie in theaters yesterday, and decided to write a review for it today. Only when I tried to put my thoughts on the movie into words, I failed spectacularly. So here’s a short and simple “review” of Studio Ghibli’s The Secret World of Arrietty.

The voice acting is great, the art and animation are beautiful, the sound design is amazing, the music is breathtaking (with the exception of a pop song Disney added in to the end, which is perfectly fine as a song but clashes completely with the movie), and the story, while a bit flawed in its execution, is really charming and funny.

And because of that gorgeous art/animation, excellent sound design, and astounding music, it’s actually a movie worth seeing in theaters. For the first ten, maybe twenty minutes, I was completely enraptured by the movie, and that’s never happened to me before.

So go see The Secret World of Arrietty! It’s great.


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