Flitt Legacy Chapter Two: “It’s Fun Getting to Know You!”


Honestly, this is just filler so that something shows up as the post and it’s not just a “continue reading” link.

I completely forgot last chapter that the flowers sims get actually appear in their inventories! And at about thirty simoleans* per bouquet and a whopping eleven (!) bouquets, I sold them and Penelope ended up three hundred dollars richer. A few hundred more bouquets and we might actually have a fortune on our hands!

*Simoleans are basically just sim-dollars. I didn’t use the term in previous chapters, but I will now.

Good morning, Penelope! Feeling any richer?


Oh well.


Uh oh. What’s wrong?

“I’m hungry!”

Then eat something! Honestly, Penelope. You have a fridge.

*Sigh* What now?

“The shower’s broken!”

So fix it!

Because that’s totally how you fix a shower.

And yet, it worked, just in time for Penelope to go to work.

Still no promotion, though Penelope’s looking awfully smug.

“Wouldn’t you like to know!”

No, I really don’t. That science building scares me.

And then Penelope went all the way back home before I realized she needed to go to the science facility for gardening classes so she could get a promotion.* I’m a genius like that.

*To get a promotion, sims need to meet specific requirements; in this case, Penelope needs more gardening skill.

For some reason when she leaves, Penelope decides to talk to this weirdo. Come on, Penny, no need to associate yourself with him.

“So there was a disco ball…”

When she gets home, I immediately set her to talk to Iqbal and it would appear she’s retelling the disco ball story. Because it’s just so funny?

And this is how Penelope starts every day. It’s not like getting food is right in her queue* or anything.

And despite her good mood, good gardening skill, and high work performance, Penelope still does not get promoted. Grrr.

*Each sim has a queue for actions they can perform.

I give her a sink anyway, and have her call up Iqbal…

…Who proceeds to run off to the lot’s corner for some reason. And then he walks back to talk to Penelope. Riiight.

I first have Penelope ask Iqbal about his job, which, despite the music note, is in the business career. I guess he… owns a music company?

Then I set her to flirt with him (about shooting stars?). Only…

“Penelope learned Iqbal is in a relationship with Jamie!”

Grrr! Stupid Jamie Jolina, ruining my legacy!

So I have Penelope switch track, and she tells him a secret which gives this chapter its title:

“It’s fun getting to know you!”

Apparently that passes for a secret in the Sims.

Aww, these two make a cute couple. Pretty weird couple, but cute.

But, as could be discerned by the darkness, it was late and so I had Penelope say goodbye to Iqbal.

Penelope wakes up late the next day, but nevertheless catches her ride to work. Which is good, ’cause she’s insanely close to a promotion now.

“Hee hee, yay!”

YES! Penelope gets promoted! Only nineteen more to go!

As a reward, I give Penelope a bookcase. Only it’s not really a reward, because I’ll be needing it for skilling.* Ah, the life of a generation one sim.

*Skilling is the act of improving skills. Kinda self-explanatory, but whatever.

I have Penelope invite Iqbal over, and once again he runs out into random area. I’d say he’s stupid, but all sims do this. I guess sims in general are stupid?

With the relationship bonus from watching the stars together, Penelope gets right to flirting with Iqbal.

That’s not how you hug, Iqbal.

Finally, I get the option I was waiting for…

“Hey, Iqbal, you know Jamie Jolina? Yeah, why don’t you break up with her?”

Gee, what tact.

“Of course! I like you better anyway.”

Pah, too easy.

Or not.

Penelope, what’s going on?

“Too… bored… so… sleepy…”

Yack, turns out Iqbal’s got no sense of humor and can thus bore other sims to death. And yet, he was perfectly willing to return Penelope’s funny face back in the prologue. :/

Um, Penelope, your eyes are open.



She wakes up quickly, however, and even cheers. This relationship was definitely meant to be.

Is this totally adorable or insanely creepy? You tell me.

And in typical Sims fashion, Penelope proposes on the same night she and Iqbal enter their relationship.

What? This is practically law in the Sims. They only live for ninety days; Penelope’s known Iqbal for years in sim-time.

Iqbal accepts, of course, but there’s no time for a wedding–it’s late and Penelope’s beat, so Iqbal’s gotta go home.

So, Penelope, how was your day?

“I’d really just like to go to sleep now…”

Okay, sure.

Since the next day is Saturday (Penelope gets the weekends off), I have her skilling. This one picture will have to suffice for the two gardening points she earned.

Then she invites Iqbal over, and of course he goes running into the middle of the lot.

And while I try to get these two married, they keep dancing instead.

You can dance when you’re married!

Eventually they stop dancing long enough to exchange rings, and now Iqbal Alvi is Iqbal Flitt! He brings with him about 7,000 simoleans, which is decent enough. His traits are Absent-Minded, No Sense of Humor, Neurotic, Couch Potato, and Angler, and his lifetime wish is to present the perfect aquarium (hahah NO).

But that’s not all he comes with; Iqbal Alvi also happens to have two sons.


Obviously this complicates things. To my knowledge, legacy rules don’t actually say anything about children marrying in… so I’ll just keep them, and have the older son move out with the younger once he’s an adult.

Oh, and to put icing on the cake: Iqbal Flitt is three days away from becoming an elder.*


*Sims have different life stages, go

Anyway, I build a tiny little house with the extra money and add two beds for Iqbal’s sons. This is the inside view…

And this is the outside view. Nice, huh? Only no, because it’s just a temporary house and so I’m not bothering to make it pretty.

That double bed’s not just there for sleeping, though: if this legacy is to continue, we need an heir, so get going, you two!

Immediately after that, Iqbal gets a makeover because I am not looking at that unibrow any more. And, somewhat surprisingly, he turns out pretty decent; depending on the lighting and angles, of course, because his face is still mega-strange.

Eh? What’s going on? My camera just zoomed all the way over here.

“I’m Miraj, Iqbal’s son! And I’m gonna be a teen!”

*Shrug* Whatever.

Ha, loving that sweater-thing. Goes great with your emo hair.


Eee. I hope Penelope’s kids turn out better than this guy.

“I can hear you, you know!”

Um… Penelope?

Yeah, this is how she sleeps now. Must… resist… urge… to… scream.


Miraj, what are you doing?!

“You don’t let me change my clothing, I watch my stepmom sleep!”

But that makes no sense!

“Sue me!”

…Can sims even be sued?

Oh, and meet VJ, Iqbal’s other son. I think he’s insane or something, and he hates his father. Family drama, gah.


Yeah, and VJ’s constantly booby-trapping the appliances. Greeeaaat.

Oh, Penelope, that’s terrible! You have a toilet! Vomit into that!

“Ugh, gak, eww… I didn’t eat any bad food, why am I vomiting?”

Yeah, I wonder… *whistles innocently*

That’s right! Penelope’s pregnant; the next generation is on its way!

So, Penelope, how does it feel to know you’re going to be a mom?

“Meh. I’m going to bed.”

And I thought Penelope was excitable, but nope, she seems pretty nonchalant about the whole thing.

At least her eyes are working.

To make room for the new baby, I add (you guessed it!) a new part to the house; a crib.

I don’t know why I tried to make that dramatic.

Grr… There goes VJ again, rigging the sink.

And there goes VJ, scaring Miraj.

VJ! That’s your brother! You like him!

“Oh come on, I had to walk right past him to do this; he could see me!”

…Fair point.

Since Penelope has maternity leave, and Iqbal’s got time off since he got married, Penelope’s pregnancy was pretty much just skilling for them (plus talking on the phone for Iqbal, as he had to improve his relationship with his boss). It was as boring as it sounds.

And after three days, while this weirdo’s over… (With the walls down, no less, because I’m terrible at keeping them up.)

Penelope goes into labor!

And while most sims go all crazy and weird and bizarre while in labor… Penelope just smiles. She’s certainly unique!

“Oh man, Penelope’s in labor?! I didn’t even know she was pregnant! Oh, what do I do?”

“Don’t you have two sons?”

I’m not even going to ask what Jamie Jolina’s head is doing floating above Iqbal. That’s just too weird for me.

Oooh, Penelope, ouch!

“No duh! I’m having a baby!”

No, but I mean, your arm… that bookcase… Oh, never mind. (And still with the walls… I swear I’ll learn eventually!)

Iqbal, on the other hand, is off checking the sink.

Don’t you think you should be around your wife, Iqbal?

“But what if the sink’s not right? It could be broken or something!”


And then Miraj gets home from school and promptly eats his thought bubble in surprise.

That, or the Sims 3 is a buggy mess. Your pick.

No matter, though, because Penelope doesn’t actually need help to give birth. And so, meet the first child of generation 2, Wilmer!

Yes, Wilmer. I’ve decided to have themes for each generation’s names, and generation 2’s scheme is older, less popular names. Obviously this won’t always be fully accurate, but I think Wilmer is uncommon enough (at least where I live) to qualify.

Oh, and Iqbal’s an elder now. Because of course.

Aw, how adorable is this? Pretty much right after Penelope puts Wilmer in his crib, Miraj runs over and snuggles him.

And it’s here that I end this chapter, as it’s getting decently long.


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