Flitt Legacy Chapter Three: Pregnancy Number Two


Just a short update this time, as I didn’t want to progress too much further before [redacted for surprise].


Huh? (Miraj, pick up the phone!)

Yeah, so after I installed the new patch everyone reset to random locations. Wonderful.

C’mon, it’s late, go to bed!

Honestly, Penelope! It’s your son! Surely you can get out of bed early to take care of him without throwing a tantrum?

That’s not to say she isn’t a good mother, though. D’awww.

Um, yeah, nothing to see here.

Surprisingly, VJ’s a good older half-brother. He does have a good relationship with Miraj, so I guess it’s just parental figures he doesn’t like.

Uh, where are you taking Wilmer?

“You’ll see!”

I have a bad feeling about this…

VJ! How dare you steal candy from your baby half-brother!

At least he put Wilmer back in his crib. Just don’t do it again, VJ! I can control your actions–theoretically.

“Hee hee, yay, yippee!”

Mm? What’s gotten into you?

“I’m pregnant!”

Well that’s good; we need a spare.

“Don’t talk about my baby like that!”

Oh, and Iqbal got a promotion.

“Oh yeah, moving up!”

Uh oh…




Grrr, frickin’ VJ!


Right after scaring Penelope VJ heads off to booby trap the sink. Give him a talking to, Penelope!

“VJ! Booby trapping the plumbing is not acceptable behavior! Apologize, right now!”


Oh, come on! Penelope just told you off for doing exactly that!


You know, VJ, I have the power. I could always give you a pool, build some walls around it… maybe trap you with a stove…*

*These are the methods for drowning and burning sims to death, approximately.

While I was actually playing the game I wasn’t feeling quite as loathful (which I swear is a word, despite Firefox telling me otherwise) towards VJ, so I let him invite over his girlfriend, Lisa Bunch (the girl who ditched the chess set after Penelope came over back in the prologue, go figure). After all, the prom is coming up and I think he deserves to go with his evil girlfriend.


Penelope, this happened just four days ago and you still act confused?

No one–the walls are down for a reason, be quiet!–seems to really care about Penelope, though. Lisa did decide to go to the prom with VJ, so there’s that, I guess.

And then VJ enters the bathroom, probably to rig the toilet or something, and because it’s sim-law for sims to freak out when other sims are in labor, he (you guessed it!) freaks out.

“I feel sparkly…”

Also note her broken waistline. That’s ’cause of her broken CC* shirt, grr.

*Custom content.

Gah, a boy! I was really hoping for a girl so I could name her Myrtle, because Larklight! But since I refuse to deal with three children in generation one, we’ll just have Wilmer and Frederick here.

And here ends this chapter. You can expect some big changes next chapter, but I won’t tell you what it is because I’m horrible.


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