Flitt Legacy Chapter Five: Exploding Tank Man


Nighttime in the Flitt house and everyone is asleep…

…Except for the burglar.

Wait, what?

Penelope, wake up and call the police! Quick!

Grr, I can’t believe I forgot a burglar alarm!

Noo! Not the couch!

“Yes, I’d like to report a robbery in progress…”

Never mind, Penelope, the guy’s already left. Grrr.

Oh, well, at least I have enough money to replace the couch.

Ha, Penelope and Iqbal are waking up in synchronization! Just thought it was cute.

Since it’s Saturday, I let the boys sing karaoke together.

“Boo! Booo!”

Iqbal, honestly! Those are your kids!

“Doesn’t change the fact that they stink!”

“Aaah! The karaoke machine is broken!”


Freddie, Penelope can’t fix the karaoke machine when you’re playing in front of it.

How’s it going?

“Not well.”


“If it were up to me, being a burglar would be illegal!”

“I’m trying to watch TV, Wilmer.”

And there goes Frederick, playing with his imaginary friend in the bathroom again.

I also have Penelope start a small garden, so she can be a self-employed gardener at some point.

Though I think it might go better if she didn’t stick her hand through her skirt.

“So, Frederick, what do you think of diamonds?”

“I dunno, Mom, I guess they’re sparkly?”

“So, like you guys on your birthday?”

“Sure, just like that.”

As a gift, and also because I want to try out the new Showtime content, I give the Flitts an Exploding Tank Man Arcade Table.

First up to play are Iqbal and Wilmer.

“Aw, man! My Tank Man got killed by the Verusians from the outer world!”


“Can’t… Die… Gotta… Win…”

Might want to take a break, Iqbal.

Next up is Frederick, who I let play with Iqbal to improve their relationship.

Seriously, I love this thing–the kids went from barely knowing their dad and each other to being best friends.

“Dangit, I almost won!”

Penelope’s turn…

“Oh my gosh this is so fun!”

“Stupid Verusians, killing Mr. Tank!”

Hey, who’s that at the door?

Why, it’s Miraj! Penelope, go greet him!

They chat for a bit, and then Miraj goes to his… limo?

Okay, he’s just taking a cab.

…So why is there a limo?

Back to Exploding Tank Man, I see.

And Penelope continues to garden through her skirt.

It’s Frederick’s first day of school!

…Too bad his and Wilmer’s routing got messed up with the mailman. *Sigh*

Another promotion, Penny?


So why are you running?

“My carpool is behind the building!”

It actually was. Silly game.

Iqbal got a promotion, too. He’s now… Oh, I have no idea. I don’t really pay attention.

Oh hey, birthdays already?

Yep! And first up is Penelope, going from young adult to adult. It’s a pretty boring and inconsequential birthday, but whatever.

Oh wow, you look so different.

Next up is Wilmer, who’s going to enter teenagerdom!



Well, Wilmer is now clumsy. Let’s give him some clothes to fit that…

But first, I want to share this wonderful expression Penelope made.

I think this look fits his personality a lot better. I especially like the shirt, which just happened to come with Showtime.

He’s a bit boring looking, but it’s a plus that he inherited Penelope’s hair color. Barring some amazing surprise from Frederick, Wilmer will probably be heir.

The next day, and it’s time to see if Frederick will pull off that surprise.

Nope. Frederick’s now Dramatic, which is actually a pretty boring trait. Sorry, buddy, but you’re destined to be the spare!

I still give him a new look, though. He actually doesn’t look too bad… gak, maybe he can be heir.

I can’t decide!

The next day I give Penelope an easel so she can work on that painting skill, and thanks to Plum’s Painting Mod she gets to work on a… strawberry?

“Yay! A promotion!”

You know what that means!

“Yeah, I quit!”

Yep! Penelope reached level five, which means she can quit and get to working on another career–in this case, fishing.

Iqbal got a promotion, too. He also got a raise, and demoted.

Yeah, I don’t know, but somehow he simultaneously got a promotion, raise, and demotion. I don’t even remember what level he was at so I don’t know if the demotion stuck.

Stupid glitches.

“Oh yeah, I’m a fisher now!”

Don’t ask me why all those other people are there.

Anyway, I promptly sell the fish Penelope’s accrued and she rockets up to level three. This’ll be a piece of cake!

“Grr! The sink’s broken!”

Yeah, and so is the shower. Get fixin’!

Meanwhile, I have the boys call prospective girlfriends, so they’ll have dates come prom.

First up is Wilmer’s date, Abigail Best, who’s… wearing a cowgirl hat, I guess.

To the cheat console!

Yeah, so I did use cheats to alter her hair and clothing, but that’s stuff that can be done in-game (just not easily since she’s not playable) and I have no plans on making her a spouse anyway–I have other plans for that.

And aside from the droopy eyelids, she’s pretty nice looking.

Frederick’s date, Maria Best, on the other hand, is fine looking so I leave her alone. (Yes, they are sisters. And no, I didn’t realize that until I started writing the chapter.)

Now, time for socializing!

“So… do you like cloudy days?”

“I love cloudy days!”

Glad things are going well over here. Let’s check up on Wilmer and Abigail…

Iqbal, that’s your son’s date! Leave her alone!

“But… she’s talking about science!”

Uh, guys, you need to be closer to gossip. Iqbal’s hearing everything.

So, Maria, did you have fun with Frederick?


“Hee hee… I like Wilmer.”

Glad to hear it!

And it’s here that I end this chapter.


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