Flitt Legacy Chapter Seven: Prom


Penelope, I told you to make waffles, not to stand there with that dang bowl stuck to your hand!

Egads, I’m having to use the resetsim cheat a lot more than ever before. Hopefully that’s not an omen of bad things to come…

Oh, there’s the unfinished bowl of autumn salad! What are you doing there, bowl?

Well, that’s one way to finish preparing the meal.

“I’m the one with two cooking skill points!”

Fair enough.

And Penelope’s still working on that same strawberry painting. All of her time’s been taken up what with fishing and gardening.

Speaking of fishing…

Penelope’s moved on to a new spot. Now she’s catching piranhas!

Wait, what’s that behind her?

Move along, folks, nothing to see here.

“Hey, Abigail, would you like to come over? The prom’s coming up and I… Oh, okay, never mind.”

Oh, well, there’s always tomorrow, right?

“Yeah, I guess…”

And then Abigail called to ask him to prom the next day.

“Oh, hi, Maria! Would you like to, um, maybe head over to my house? …We have fresh produce!”

Shh, don’t tell your brother that Maria’s coming over without Abigail–

Too late.

“Yeah, Frederick’s just going to be a moment–he’s right in the middle of a killer karaoke session!”

I should really sell the darn thing.

Apparently Frederick can’t just ask Maria to the prom right away, so he’s got to start with an amorous hug… I can’t tell if Maria is into it or vaguely uncomfortable.

Moving on.

“So, Maria, would you like to go to the prom with me?”


“Okay, bye!”

And because EA’s dating/outing system is so bizarre, the little get-together was credited as a short date and halved Maria and Frederick’s relationship.


Okay, Penelope, this is your first time cooking since that disastrous incident last chapter. Don’t burn those waffles!

Well, at least the house didn’t catch on fire.

Oh hi, ghost of Iqbal!

…Why are you in your swimsuit?

“I don’t make the rules, buddy!”

Oh, wow, reading a book. What a ghostly activity.

“Oh be quiet, I never got to finish it before I died! I have to know if Cassandra ends up with Don or not!”

“I feel strangely cold…”

Uh oh.

“What? No! You’re dead! …Right?”

Don’t worry, Penelope, this is normal ghost activity. Just ignore it and move on.

And she did.

And having reached level seven in gardening, Penelope is finally able to plant a mystery seed… Frederick? Maybe Wilmer, I dunno–anyway, a mystery seed that one of the kids got on a field trip some time ago. Can’t wait to see what it is!

“Yeah, I totally got some muscles since you last saw me!”

Trying to smooth things over with Maria?

“Shh! No, not you Maria!”

“And there are some flowers in my hand calling your name…”

Despite his best attempts, Frederick couldn’t lie his way to a better relationship with Maria. I just hope things go well come prom night…

And there’s the limo now! (Well, not actually now, as maybe a day passed between these pictures… anyway.)

Because all kids get free limos for prom.

Um, Abigail, everyone else has left…

I can only hope that resetting her gets her to the prom correctly.

Well, she didn’t get there with the others, but things did turn out well.

Really well, in fact–both boys got their first kisses and ended up going steady with their respective dates.

I swear, I haven’t yet had a negative prom. I think EA just made them tuned to have ultra-positive results.

This is Wilmer’s prom picture. Not entirely sure what’s going on with his body… I wonder if there were any wild demons about that night?

Frederick’s picture was better, even if he had an unfortunate expression. (At least try to look happy!)

“Yeah, I’m throwing a party and everyone’s invited!”

No, Penelope, you’re only supposed to invite a few sims! Namely VJ and Miraj, plus Abigail and Maria and their sister whose name I can’t remember.

Four birthday cakes? But there aren’t even four sims in the Flitt household!

Any guesses as to who the cakes belong to? ‘Cause I’m not telling; not yet!

First up are Wilmer and Frederick, who are now growing up at the same time as Wilmer was supposed to age up yesterday, but it was prom night so he couldn’t.

“I’m not so sure I want to become an adult anymore…”

Oh come on, how bad could it be?

“Oh yeah, I look spiffy!”

Well, color me impressed! Frederick’s appearances really improved with age. Before I make him over, however, it’s time for Wilmer’s birthday…

Man, if emoticons could be put in words, Wilmer’d be shouting out “:D!”

“Huzzah, I am now an adult!”

And looking as boring as ever.

Meanwhile, it’s time for the other two birthdays: Maria and Abigail!

I couldn’t very well let Wilmer and Frederick grow up and leave their girlfriends in the dust, could I?

Wow, Abigail gained some nice muscle definition with the transition to adult!

Maria, on the other hand, practically didn’t change at all.

So! Now that the boys have grown up, it’s time to choose an heir! Here are our candidates:

First up is Wilmer Flitt, an Absent-Minded and Clumsy sim who Can’t Stand Art, Loves the Outdoors, and Dislikes Children. He likes the color white, indie music, and spaghetti. His lifetime wish is to be a Master Acrobat.

Second is Frederick Flitt, a Neurotic, Kleptomaniac, Dramatic, Technophobic Virtuoso who likes indie music, just like his brother, as well as the color grey and pancakes. His lifetime wish is to be a Vocal Legend.

So, who’s heir?

Not telling! You’ll just have to wait for the next chapter.

Girls, the party is over! Go home!


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