Flitt Legacy Chapter Eight: Singing in the Sun


I would’ve actually done the line but the Sims 3 doesn’t have weather yet.

“The heir’s Wilmer, isn’t it?”

Actually, no! While Wilmer does have the more interesting hair, that’s really all he’s got going for him. His personality is boring, and his face is ultra-boring.

And so I dub Frederick heir of generation two!

And with a new heir comes a new house (actually no, the Flitts just needed an upgrade and I felt this was as good a time as any). Here’s the outside view…

…And here’s the inside view.

Yeah, it’s mildly ugly, but whatever.

First thing after building the new house, I send Wilmer to the library so he can become an acrobat and move out.

He ends up in this house of all places, so it’s all good.

Oh yeah, Penelope reached level five of the fisher career!

“Awesome, this is my last fish!”

And so Penelope becomes a self-employed gardener, already level four because of the produce she had built up.

So as to make enough money to get promoted further, I set up a bigger garden. Hopefully Penelope can handle the extra workload.

Then I remember that I left Penelope’s easel in the family inventory, so I get it back out.

Only it seems that the painting disappeared in the transition.

Though I guess it means getting paid for what is technically not there, so whatever.

Any openings for the singer profession?


Silly me thought that the singer profession was only available via computer or newspaper… but it turns out Frederick could’ve just gone to the park and joined it there. *Facepalm*

“Hey, Maria, would you like to come over?”

“So, why’d you call me over, Frederick?”

“Well, I was wondering if you’d like to move in…”

“Of course!”

And so Maria Best enters the Flitt household, bringing with her about 4,000 simoleans and that car in the background.

First thing I give Maria a makeover, because I’m a control freak like that.

It’s funny, because I initially thought most of the new Showtime hairs were ugly, and yet I keep finding sims that work with them.

So it turns out Maria is in the military career, with the lifetime wish to max out the handiness and logic skills. (I don’t remember her traits, unfortunately.) Since she’s in need of some body skill for work, I add this nifty new workout bar from Showtime…

…As well as the new dominoes table for her logic skill.

Annoyingly, it requires at least two sims, but whatever.

Found an opening for the singer profession yet?


Yay! Now you can get to work on that lifetime wish!

And funnily enough, his first sing-o-gram call is for Wilmer. Hi, Wilmer!

Then it’s to singing for tips in the park.

“Hmm, I think this guy’s pretty good!”

Ooh, nice painting, Penelope! Let’s hang it up on the wall to accrue value for when you become a painter.

There, that looks…



So, moving on, it’s time for Maria to go to work!

…Only she leaves immediately, and her work page says she doesn’t need to work today.


Whuh-oh, looks like the birthday cake has finally gone bad.

Uh, Maria, I think you missed the bowl.

After the vomiting spell, Frederick gets an opportunity to sing as song at this coffee house for a free meal.

Only when he left his hunger was as low as it was when he entered and the meal pricing was the same as always.

Glitches, don’t you love them?

“The dishwasher’s broken!”

Yeesh, if it isn’t the sink it’s the dishwasher. Maria!

You want handiness skill, right? So get fixing!


Uh oh.


Well, that was close. Get to the shower!

Wait, what are you doing?


NO. No, no no!


“Maria, what’s going on–”

“Oh, no.”

“Oh, my, this family again? What’s it now, starvation? Drowning?”

“Oh, electrocution? Wow, haven’t dealt with this in a while! What kind of sim is stupid enough to not unplug the appliance they’re fixing?”

“That’s my girlfriend, you monster!”

“Not any more.”

“Waah! The grim reaper’s such a jerk!”

Yeah, and your girlfriend’s dead, too.

“Waaah, my girlfriend’s dead!”

Oh come on, Penelope, I give Maria a spot in the graveyard even though she wasn’t a spouse, and you step on her grave to mourn?

“Waaaaah-haaaaahhhh…! Why did you have to die?! Did you do this, creator?”

Don’t look at me! I was just as shocked as you–I’ve never had a sim die of electrocution before!

…By accident, that is.

Life must go on, however, and upon reaching level two of the singer profession Frederick heads off to the park to audition for a gig.

“That was fantastic, of course you can have a gig!”

Sweet, nabbed it on the first try!

“Oh my gosh, it’s Abigail!”

“Yeah, and I have something for you…”

“Oh my gosh!”

Ah, the old flower trick.

Frederick actually rolled up the wish to kiss Abigail, and while at this point she had broken up with Wilmer she was also in a relationship with some guy named Isaac, so no dice.

Plus, it had been less than two days since Maria died, and Abigail is Maria’s sister, so that seemed all kinds of wrong.

Oh hey, Frederick’s show is starting!

He’s telling a dirty joke, by the way, the contents of which I don’t want to think of.

“Ha ha, that’s hilarious!”


“Woo! Go, Frederick!”

Yeah, of course Penelope went to see the performance. It’d be mean not to let her. Plus, watching her jump around is fun.

“…Where am I? What’s going on?”

“Aaaagh! I DON’T KNOW WHO I AM!”

Well, then.

Oh hey, the mystery seed from the last chapter is a money tree!

…What? It’s The Sims.

Meanwhile, Frederick got another gig at the coffee house, which as you can see is in the process of being ruined by this random dude.

“Hey, get off the stage, idiot! I’m trying to sing here!”

“La la la… la, la laaaaa!”

No, that’s not what he was singing. I just can’t remember.

“That’s the show, everyone!”

And also the end of this chapter.


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