Flitt Legacy Chapter Nine: Genie in a Lamp


Time to try out some more Showtime features!

Wow, another burglar? Aren’t the chances of burglars under 1%?

“Oh no, a burglar, what do I do, what do I do?”

Iqbal, you’re a ghost. You don’t do anything.

Hee hee, this shot is too perfect.


“Aaah! They have a burglar alarm! Also my leg is stuck inside the dishwasher!”

“Aah! There’s a burglar and the burglar alarm is going off and the burglar has his leg stuck in the dishwasher!”

What a wimpy ghost.

“Okay, folks, no need to worry, the police are here…”

Wow, does this guy look bored or what?

“Pah, the police? I eat the police for breakfast!”

Says the guy who freaked out over an alarm instead of running away.


“Aaagh! That alarm is so loud!”

Great work, officer.

“I’m outta here!”

What an effective policeman.

“Oh no, the burglar beat the policeman!”

“Ha ha! The burglar totally beat up the policeman!”

Real nice reaction, Penelope. Just laugh at the burglar who nearly stole your stuff.

“So, I might have let the burglar get away, but I must say that you have some nice paintings in this place! Did you paint them yourself?”

“No, my mom did them.”


“Well, uh, I guess I’ll just stand here.”

“Hum te tum…”


Despite the disastrous previous night, Frederick had by this point amassed enough lifetime reward points to buy a genie lamp.

So the next morning he rubs it because that’s what you do with genie lamps.

“Um, I’m beginning to think this isn’t an ordinary lamp!”

“Huzzah! I am the genie of the lamp, here to grant your wishes!”

“But first I must play with this fascinating object!”

Seriously, he made a beeline right for the Exploding Tank Man table. Somehow I was expecting a bit more from the mystical genie.

Now, I suppose this is a good time to tell you about the plans I hinted about; I was hoping for a female genie, whom Frederick could have a kid with. However, this genie is very much not female, plus I found this nifty option…

“So, uh, I noticed I can make wishes, and one of them is to revive a sim… so, do you think you might be able to resurrect my dead girlfriend?”


“Uh, what’s that behind you?”


“Oh my gosh!”

Hi, Maria? How are you?



“Ha ha! That genie totally revived Maria! Ha ha ha ha!”


“So, since you died, we’re no longer counted as boyfriend and girlfriend… want to fix that?”

“Frederick, you just brought me back to life. Of course I want to be your girlfriend again!”

Well, that settles that.

Having learned my lesson, I let Maria stick to plumbing for now. Here she’s upgrading the toilet to self-clean by whacking it with a hammer.

“Woo! I just finished an awesome painting!”

Really? Let’s see!

Ah, a still life of Iqbal’s grave! I must admit, it doesn’t look bad.

Maria now works at the bookstore part-time, by the way.

“Waaah, my mom is dead!”


What’s up?

“I reached level five of the gardening career!”

Well, you know what that means!

Penelope is now a painter… and after selling what she had already made, she went straight to level five.

Congrats, Penelope! You’ve completed your lifetime wish!

“Yeah, big whoop.”

But… but you’re excitable! You should be jumping for joy!

“I just want to go home right now, sorry.”


Meanwhile, Frederick has a gig at the park.

Why, yes, I did set up the stage myself! Why do you ask?

“So the other day, a genie I found brought my dead girlfriend back to life!”

I don’t think anybody’s interested, Frederick.

By the end, though, he got a pretty nice turnout, complete with a stinky cop.

Penelope, you’re supposed to be in bed!

“But it’s my birthday!”

“I’m gonna be an eldeeeerrrrr!”

“Oh, my back! …Maybe being an elder isn’t so great.”

“But wait, I have fingers! Oh yeah, this is gonna rock!”

[Insert caption about Penelope’s new look.]

“My mom’s dead, by the way.”

Moving on…

“So the other day, I was playing football and…”

“You have footballs in the lamp?”

“Shut up, it’s my story.”

“Say, now that we’re good friends after talking for an afternoon, want me to free you from the lamp?”

“You want to do that? Well, I guess you can try…”

This involved freezing then heating up the lamp before heading down to the mausoleum to do… something. Whatever.

“Oh, yuck! Didn’t you clean out the bad cake last chapter?”

Hey, don’t ask me, the moodlet said the queasiness was from “unknown causes.”

Oh boy, I do not want to know what happened down there in the catacombs.

“Well, now that you’ve done… that thing, I can finally be free!”

“I can feel my chains… BREAKING!”



“I sure hope this was worth it.”

Come on, Frederick, it’s a genie! How is that not worth it?!

Plus, he seems to have twice a normal sims’ life span, which is cool.

“Oh hey, I’m pregnant! I can’t wait to tell Frederick when he gets home!”

Meanwhile, Kristian Jenkins (yeah, somehow I was expecting a cooler name) gets a job in the military since he’s Athletic.

This means working on his athletic skill… while two NPCs duke it out right next to him.

And it would appear that Kristian now has eyebrows, which is too bad ’cause not having eyebrows was awesome. Maybe I’ll give him a unibrow. Probably a fancy hair color, at least.

However, it seems like this is a good time to end this chapter. See you next time!


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