Flitt Legacy Chapter Ten: Babies!


“So, you know those tiny shoes they make for babies?”


“Well, we’re gonna need some! I’m pregnant!”


“Right on!”

I feel like this is the place to put in a quick recap, but I don’t do those. So.

“Aagh! That dishwasher is so loud!”

“Uuurgh! Can’t someone turn that stupid thing off?!”

No, but Maria can upgrade it to run silently!

…On second thought, I probably should have had Penelope do this.

Later that day, it was time for Frederick’s gig down at the… place… thingy.

And funnily enough, Wilmer was there too!

Also a weird kid pretending the bench was a race car, but we’re just going to ignore him.

Frederick, what are you doing?

“Sabotaging the karaoke machine!”

Ah, Technophobes. Gotta love ’em.

“Wow, this was a great turnout tonight!”

Yeah… real great.

“Oh, shut up! He’s great!”

The next day, just as Maria finished upgrading the toilet to be self-cleaning…

“I’m in labor!”

Frederick, get to the bathroom! Your girlfriend’s about to have your baby!

“Sorry, what?”


“You’re mumbling.”

“Hmm… when did I graduate again?”

Oh come on!

“Oh my gosh, Maria! You’re in labor!”

“No duh! I was only screaming for an hour before you noticed!”

This is the perfect occasion to take a video, right?

“Oh my gosh, Maria’s in labor! What do I do?”

Not like you had two kids or anything. Not like that at all.

It’s a girl!

And to follow generation three’s naming scheme of “Showtime-y” names, this little girl here is named Pizazz.

Yes, Pizazz. Don’t question it!

Now, fun fact about Pizazz: when she was born, the trait “Good” was locked in, and when I hit the random button for the other trait… she got “Evil.” Unfortunately, the Evil trait just disappeared after I accepted (and I then used cheats to give her another random trait), but whatever.

Aw, look at Maria, putting Pizazz down in the new nursery…

“There’s another baby!”

That’s actually what I intended! I didn’t have you listen to kids’ music while watching kids’ television for nothing, after all.*

*As might be implied, having a sim watch kids’ television and listen to kids’ music will increase their chances of having twins/triplets.

Meet Jazz Hands, another girl!

Kristian got a promotion, by the way.

“So, Frederick, now that I don’t have the babies inside me any more…”

“Carry me!”

“Uh, Maria, your hair is smothering me!”

“Oh, Frederick…”

Now, it was at about this point that I tried to get Maria and Frederick engaged, since they both had the wish… only, there was no option.

Hopefully it’s just ’cause Maria was revived or something, because not being able to get my sims married… that would not be good at all.

Uh… Frederick?

Frederick, I don’t think Iqbal can hear you singing.

The people here, on the other hand, can.

Except for her.

“That’s all, folks! …Folks?”

Yeah, so this woman just died. No big, I guess.

Life goes on, however, and the next day it was time for the twins to grow up. First is Pizazz, of course.


…my gosh. She is so adorable!

As is Jazz Hands! I swear, these two are the cutest toddlers I’ve ever had.

Here’s Pizazz! She’s a Good and Friendly sim who likes classical music, cookies, and the color violet.

And here we have Jazz Hands, a Clumsy Neurotic who likes classical music, cobbler, and hot pink.

Aw, look, the twins are playing with their imaginary friends!

At night.

In the graveyard.

The same night, I buy this… thing with Penelope’s lifetime reward points. Not actually sure what it does, since it came with Showtime and this is the first I’ve seen of it, but it does have the option to “meditate” so we’ll just have to see.

With the arrival of the thing, I rearrange the house’s layout a little bit. Kinda arbitrary, but I thought this flowed a bit better.

This is the meditating. After a sim-hour or two it gives a plus ten moodlet… totally not worth it.

And so the toddler skilling begins!

I’m not going to bother with any more pictures of it, because frankly it’s boring as all get out.

Oh, and this is how genies run. Just thought I’d share.

And of course Kristian gets another promotion, because he’s a workaholic who can work hard without many negative side effects, allowing him to get promotion in a single day of work. He’s awesome, and bringing in most of the Flitts’ income.

Nothing like holding hands with your girlfriend in front of your mother who is painting a picture of your genie.

It didn’t even turn out that well.

Uh oh.


Looks like someone ate some bad food.

“Did not!”

Well, you know what that means, then!

“Aww, I’m pregnant!”

Yeah, now get back to toddler skilling.

Meanwhile, I try out one of Kristian’s genie powers that lets him summon any kind of food at any time. It’s pretty nifty.

Oh yeah, birthday time!

First up for the sparkly toddler dance is Jazz Hands.


Okay, that’s better.

Jazz Hands got the Family-Oriented trait.

“Hee, I’m a big girl now!”

On the other hand, Pizazz became Insane.

Here’s Jazz Hands…

And here’s Pizazz. After giving them both makeovers, they’re still mostly adorable, even if they’ve got a bad case of Maria’s nose.

And with that I end this chapter!


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