Flitt Legacy Chapter Eleven: Two New Houses


Want to see my architectural skeelz?

With the twins’ birthday, I needed more bedrooms, which prompted a new house. Well, it’s only technically new; I just extended the living spaces into the bedrooms and added a second story.

Unfortunately, the Flitts did not have enough money to afford wallpaper for the second story, or windows or a finished third bathroom for that matter.

Hee hee, having an imaginary friend for the Insane girl is just too funny.

*Imaginary friends typically are just dolls, but if the sim plays with them enough you can put them on the ground and they’ll become real. After doing this, the imaginary friend only shows up for the sim who it belongs to; if you switch to another sim, you’ll see nothing.

“Aagh, I’m in labor!”

“Isn’t anyone going to come?”

I think they’re busy.

“With what?!”

Pah, like I know.

Meet Bedazzle!

And, through the magic of storytelling, see her grow up one picture later!

Frederick, too, but he’s just becoming an adult.

Well, this teaches me not to throw early-morning birthdays.

Iqbal, go back to your grave!


Aww, she’s a cutie! As well as an Athletic Heavy Sleeper, who likes hot dogs, indie music, and the color lime.

“Do I have to?”

Yes! Honestly, it’s just a couple wrinkles.

…Or not.

Thank goodness for the mirror!

Though I swear Frederick’s face changed. He looks uglier.

“I can hear you!”

I redid the house right after, because the two-story thing just wasn’t working.

Note the unfinished rooms, because once again the Flitts ran out of money.

Oh, and Kristian got another promotion, but that’s hardly surprising by now.

Frederick, you’re supposed to be performing a gig!

“Well too bad, ’cause every time I go onstage I get snapped back here!”

The horrible thing is, this is actually what happens whenever Frederick tries to perform a gig or sing for tips. GRR.

(Also note the woman in labor back there.)

Meanwhile, Penelope’s garden continues to shrink, though now she’s planting a couple of mystery seeds the twins got from a school trip.

And I know, why no pictures of the twins? Well, they’re boring. All they do is go to school and do homework.


What’s wrong?

“Don’t ask me!”

But you’re the one–

“Oh hi, Frederick, Bedazzle!”

Aww, that’s too cute.

“Oh yeah, promotion!”

Yeah, what’s new?

Though that does mean I have the money to build Penelope a bedroom…

…Which allows Kristian to have a room of his own, complete with a computer for him to work at home at.

Although, I’m not sure how effective working at home is when you’re a Wingman.

“Hmm, is this too harsh?”

“Dear sir,

You have been fired because you are a wimp.


Kristian Jenkins.”

I’m not sure–

“Too late, I already hit send.”

Meanwhile, back at the ranch graveyard, Bedazzle has learned to walk, meaning she’s got all her toddler skills.

“Yeah, we’re having a party tomorrow! Big birthday bash for my granddaughters!”

The next morning, I let the Flitts putter on free will before the party, which results in this.

“The toilet’s clogged!”

And this.

And this.

Maria, the party’s about to start! There’s going to be birthday cake!

“La la la, can’t hear you over the sound of how awesome this sandwich is!”

Oh look, there are the guests now!

…And a broken-eyed Penelope, but let’s just ignore that.

“The sink’s broken!”

Oh, what perfect timing! It’s not like everyone’s going to be crowding into the kitchen in a minute… oh wait, it’s exactly like that. Grr.

“Ugh, you suck! Throwing a party and then breaking the sink right away, that’s terrible!”

“Oh, you did not just say that! It’s not my fault the sink’s broken, and I don’t see you throwing any parties, so how is that even your business?”



Okay, okay, break it up! We don’t need a brawl at a kids’ birthday party!

“I wish for… a pony!”

“Ha ha, that’s the oldest wish in the book! Come up with something more original next time!”

Abigail, that’s your niece! No need to be so rude!

“Hmm… I think I’d rather have… Um… Well…”

We don’t have all day, Jazz Hands.

“Okay then, I want a pen!”

“I want da sink ta be fixed!”

How practical, Bedazzle! I like it.

“I feel kinda woozy…”

That’s just the radioactive sparkles, don’t worry.


“Oh no, the sparkles killed my chin!”

I was just joking about the sparkles… but it looks like something went wrong. I mean, the heck is up with her chin?

Okay, there we go. Pizazz is now Hydrophobic, too.

I mean, she actually started out pretty nice, being Friendly and Good… but add Insane and Hydrophobic to that and it’s a recipe for disaster.

“My chin will be fine, right?”

I can only hope.

Ooh, nice CC hair!

“Why thank you!”

Jazz Hands is now Artistic.

“Mah turn!”

Sheesh, I couldn’t get one kid without Maria’s nose?

Her new trait is Genius, by the way.

Uh oh, that doesn’t look good. (Her action queue at the top, with endless interactions. Normally there are eight actions at max.)

Luckily, it fixed itself right after.


Oh come on, Penelope, I leave you for one birthday and you wet yourself?

“The sparkles were so mesmerizing, I kinda forgot to find a toilet…”


“Aaah! The sink is broken!”

Did you just now notice?

Here’s the made over Pizazz, by the way. She’s cute, but that nose is… ugh.

And here’s Jazz Hands. Again with the nose, though hers seems to be thinner.

I only bothered to change Bedazzle’s hair, because I find her kind of boring.

“So, Kristian, I heard you’re single… would you like some flowers?”

“No thank you, I really don’t know you well enough.”


“I can’t believe he rejected me.”

“So, don’t you just hate kids?”

“Uncle Wilmer, I am a kid.”



“Don’t mind me, I’m just glitching.”

Well, then.

Oh, hey, Penelope maxed her gardening skill!

“Took me long enough!”

Meanwhile, I find that Frederick can still perform songs, and since he’s really close to reaching the next level of his profession I get him to singing.

“Level seven achieved!”

Now, let’s see if you can’t perform for tips…

…Nope. He just stands there.

And yeah, I see that thought bubble, I know the glitches are pretty bad.

You know, I really never understood why they used Sims 2 sims for the TVs–

“I can’t get to the couch!”

Oh, hi.

…Wait, why are you in your swimsuit? I thought you were afraid of water?

And with this shot of Maria upgrading the stove by pounding it with a hammer I close the chapter.


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