Flitt Legacy Chapter Twelve: Meet Patrick


Who Patrick is, I’m not telling until you read the chapter.

Um, Pizazz?

Oh, okay.

“So, don’t you just hate those pesky police, getting in the way of rebellion?”

“Well, you could always just use a computer.”

“C’mon, Pizazz, let’s go in. We look like clowns out here!”

So, that was weird.

Also, the Flitts have apparently picked up a magic gnome.

I named him Patrick.

Jazz Hands, wouldn’t you rather watch TV inside the house, where you can hear?

Or you could play chess in the brand new game room!

Meanwhile (and get used to a lot of meanwhiles, since the Flitts have seven sims in their household), Penelope’s gotten a bit stir crazy so I send her out.


Oh come on, have you really been stuck in the house that long?

Wait, don’t answer that.

I sent Penelope to the Rodeo-A-Go-Go, so of course I have her ride the mechanical bull.

Though it doesn’t seem to be going so well.

There, that’s better.


“Oh yeah, I mastered the bull!”


“Another promotion for me!”

Haha, moneeey!

Back at the house, the twins were doing their homework.

“Don’t you just hate school? I’m always afraid the chalkboard’s gonna catch on fire.”


Ooh, that’s pretty cool looking!

I like money more, though.

After all, it lets us afford Foosball tables!

Oh come on, Iqbal’s ghost! What’s so important on the computer that you have to wake up Kristian?

Ghost1111111: haha im totly a ghost
phantimmy: suuuure
sppooon: omg really?
Ghost1111111: yeah for reel

Well, then.

Moving on.

While Pizazz is doing… other things, Jazz Hands is just wrapping up a novel entitled Du-Nu-Nu.

Don’t ask me why I named it that, because I have no idea.

By the way, Penelope’s now about ninety-three or something. Only a matter of time before she dies…

Wait, why don’t you have a skill bar, Maria?

“‘Cause I maxed logic!”

Awesome! Only handiness to go before you complete your LTW!

Also, it looks like I may not have mentioned Maria’s lifetime wish, which is to master both the handiness and logic skills.

“This is significantly less fun than playing chess.”

Yeah, well, it’s your lifetime want, not mine.

Another promotion for Kristian… I think. He didn’t get a promotion somewhere in these pictures… Whatever, I’ll stop listing them. It’s unnecessary.

Single player Foosball… that doesn’t sound very fun.

“I beat myself!”

Oh, skilling/schooling, words cannot fathom how boring you are.

Okay, so it might look like the focus of this picture is the TV, but actually it’s the gnome.

How’s the show?



“Sigh… I will never complete my lifetime wish.”

Oh, quit moping!


Okay, Frederick, would you like to go to the consignment shop?


Oops, heh, looks like it’s not open.

Meanwhile, Penelope has made 25,000 simoleans from painting, and as such has earned a special medal!

At home, on the other hand, Bedazzle has rolled the lifetime wish to be the Culinary Librarian, which is to learn every recipe. And I accept it!

“Yay, now I get to study cooking.”

Way to be enthusiastic.

I swear, every time Iqbal’s ghost comes out he haunts a piece of plumbing.

Though now he’s taken to floating through beds, too. *Sigh*

That morning, it’s time for Maria to join Frederick in the wonder that is full adulthood!

“Wait, does this mean I get wrinkles?”


“Hey, looking good, me!”

Over at the City Hall/Military Base/Something Else I Cannot Remember, this is happening.

Seriously, what’s up with this woman?

“Hee hee, baby.”

“Lela, you’re in my way.”

Okay, so this is actually Kristian’s boss, and they’re friends. Doesn’t make it any less weird, though.

And now it’s time for Bedazzle’s birthday!

“Yaaay, little sis!”

“Hrmph, this party sucks.”

Probably because it isn’t a party.

Ha, I love looking in my sims’ windows.

“Spin and twirl!”

“Gasp! I’m a teen!”

What, were you expecting to turn into a dinosaur?

“No, but I was hoping…”

Well, you’re now Hydrophobic, if that’s any consolation.

“It’s not, for the record.”

Here’s the made over Bedazzle, because those cornrows were a no.

She’s actually rather pretty, but her face is also a direct clone of Pizazz. Seriously, I tried dying Pizazz’s hair blonde and matching the hairstyles, and they looked identical.

“Stupid face clone.”

Started a new novel?


What’s it called?


Hey, is that a missing skill bar I spy?

Yes, it is! Kristian has now mastered athletic.

Speaking of skilling, Maria’s now on either her last or penultimate handiness skill point…

…And Bedazzle is studying cooking in preparation for her lifetime wish.

“The computer broke!”

Really, it broke, just like that?

“Well, I may have been smashing my face against the keyboard… again.”

Oh hey, it’s the prom limo! Off to prom, girls!


“Yeah, I’d like to quit my job!”

Since Frederick can’t progress as a singer and there are no kids to take care of, I figure he might as well pull his weight.

And since he rolls the want for it, I send him to get a job in the criminal career.

Uh, Jazz Hands, why are you talking to this random woman? You’re supposed to be inside at prom!

There we go.

So, how’d it go?

“I got into two fights and nobody wanted to dance with me.”




Did things go any better for you?

“I got crowned prom queen!”

That’s great!

“I also got into fights and rejected for dances, though.”


Since Jazz Hands had to go in twice, she got two pictures.

And somehow neither were very good.

This is the current state of Penelope’s garden, by the way. She got a second money tree from a seed the first dropped, and the other two plants are a banana tree (I know, I know, it looks nothing like a banana tree) and a… bell pepper plant, I believe.

Frederick, your carpool’s here.


“Don’t mind me, I’m just looking out the window.”

Grrr. Frederick can’t even use the carpool!

“Yeah, I quit!”

Aha, glitch averted! Frederick might not be able to use the carpool, but he can register as self-employed and sell sculptures.

“You suck!”

Wait, what?


Actually, she’s talking to herself, but it sure does look like she has it in for the TV.

“Hi, Mom!”

“Pizazz, I’m trying to upgrade the shower.”

I see you completed another novel, Jazz Hands!

Huh, a clay chair. That’s an… interesting thing to make.

Still, money!

Is that a full skill bar I spy?

Yep! Maria just completed her lifetime wish!

“What now?”

You can get a full-time job! In the military, as you’ll need handiness and athletic skill to progress and you’ve got both!

Meanwhile, Jazz Hands is starting on a new novel named Alone.

“Waah, Mom upgraded the shower!”

Why is that a bad thing?

Nice painting, Penelope!

She’s actually been making about a painting per day lately, and since she’s so near death I’ve just been decorating the house with them.

I put this one in her room, since she could very well be dying this night–Penelope’s about ninety-seven now.

She makes it through the night, however.

With the money the Flitts have been accruing, I upgrade the master bedroom (still with the ugly and cheap doors, though)…

…And use Maria’s lifetime reward points to buy Penelope a floating bed.

It’s with this teaser of two of birthday cakes, however, that I leave you.

Whose birthday is it? Will Penelope ever die? These two questions and likely not much else answered in the next chapter!


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