Flitt Legacy Chapter Thirteen: Ghost Baby


In which glitches abound!

How’s it going, Patrick?

“I’m laying on the ground outside a graveyard. You tell me.”

Ooh, a wooden sink! You know what that means!

“Um, no I don’t?”

It means you now have a wooden sink in your bathroom!

How it works, I have no idea.

But enough of that: it’s birthday time! Pizazz and Jazz Hands are both set to become young adults.

“The sparkles aren’t going to eat my chin again, right?”



“Ha ha, I turned out nice!”

“So did I!”

Here’s the made over Pizazz. She got the Ambitious trait, and I gave her the lifetime wish to become a Forensic Specialist (top level of the police career, forensics branch).

And here’s Jazz Hands. She became Brave, and wishes to be an International Super Spy (level ten of police career, whatever branch isn’t forensics).

Pizazz immediately gets to work on her logic skill for easier promotions…

…Whereas Jazz Hands starts getting to know Kristian.

“So, uh, Kristian, I know we barely knew each other existed this morning, but over the past few hours I’ve really been getting to like you.”

“You don’t find it weird that I’m thirty days older than you?”

“Pah, if Twilight has taught us anything it’s that dating really old supernatural men is cool.”

“So, would you like to be my boyfriend?”

“Of course!”

“Freaking Twilight.”

“Hey, Mr. Banana Tree, you’re cool with me.”


Um, Frederick, your daughters just graduated. Why are you crying?

“Because they’re young adults now, which means I’m old!”

“Oh, I’m pregnant! Awesome!”

Don’t tell your dad though; I’m not sure he can handle the knowledge quite yet.

Later that day…

“You’re like a sunset, you know.”

“Do I really have to give her relationship points for that?”



So, this is Pizazz’s imaginary friend.

So, um, back to the affair-in-progress.

Well, this pretty much speaks for itself.

Uh oh.

Quick, Kristian, get out of the house! Jazz Hands can’t accuse you of cheating if she can’t get to you, right?

Right! Jazz Hands forgot all about it.

Bedazzle went to prom again, by the way. It was pretty uneventful, though she did get crowned prom queen.

Hey, why aren’t you reading the handiness book I gave you?

“‘Cause I maxed the skill!”

Oh, cool! Now you can do other things…

…Like inventing!

Penelope, what are you smiling about?

“I reached level ten of the painting career!”

Nice one!

The next day, I do some landscaping. I think it turned out pretty well.

I especially like the skilling area, complete with a door to Penelope’s bedroom so she can go right from her bed to her easel.

“Hey, stop talking about stupid architecture and pay attention to me! I’m in labor!”

I dunno, I think you’re getting plenty of attention from these guys.

Bedazzle’s rather unfazed by the whole thing, however.

Yes, Jazz Hands, drive yourself to the hospital while in labor instead of letting your boyfriend do it.

It’s a boy! And, following generation four’s naming scheme of video game characters, I name him Kaathe, after Darkstalker Kaathe of Dark Souls.

What? I didn’t say they’d be normal names.

Huh, that’s weird. Not only is his icon obviously broken, but his bladder motive is that of a genie’s… and isn’t going down.

I thought nothing of this, however, and closed the game. When I came back to it, however…

…I found this.

Not only did Kaathe not show up, but I also could not select his panel on the GUI. Hoping it would help, I used the resetsim cheat on him… and not only did he not show up, but he was also no longer in Jazz Hands arms.

So what did I do when faced with this glitch?

I waited in the hopes that Kaathe would fix himself when he became a toddler, which will be in two days.

Oh, and Maria maxed her athletic skill.


Or sell it and get money!

Maria, why aren’t you moving?

“Beats me!”

Well, as far as I could tell, it was connected to Kaathe, as I kept getting notices to “stay here” or call him a baby sitter, and when I tried to go to edit in town mode it told me someone was being taken away by the social worker.

So now my baby was glitched, and nobody could move? (Literally, everyone was just stuck.) What could I possibly do?

Find out next time!


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