Flitt Legacy Chapter Fourteen: The End


Warning: this gets rather morbid.

Now, it might look like things are exactly the same, but they’re not! I quit without saving when everyone started freezing, and once Jazz Hands gave birth I moved out the baby with Penelope, as I had to have an adult. This screenshot is just Jazz Hands thinking Kaathe is still there.

This means that Penelope no longer exists, which is a pretty stupid move on my part–she’s no longer a part of the family tree, I don’t have a grave for her… not to mention that I could have just used cheats to delete the baby.


So blah blah blah, stuff happened and then Jazz Hands gave birth to a new baby, named Globox.

Only, he was glitched too. He didn’t disappear on me, as I didn’t leave the game, but he refused to grow up and his portrait was messed up just the same.

My new plan? To save everyone to the bin, recreate them in create-a-sim, and move them back in with automatically made babies. However, this soon had a snag–I couldn’t properly set the babies’ parents to two sims, only one, and the girls couldn’t be the children of Maria and Frederick because of the age closeness. Then there was the fact that I’d lose both Penelope and Iqbal, and Wilmer would no longer be Frederick’s brother (and Maria would lose her family ties).

Essentially, my game was ruined. I had lost my founder, glitched babies were abound, and I was overall just really annoyed with the game.

So I did the only reasonable thing: killed everyone.

Into the murder chamber you go!

“Uh, this can’t catch fire. This stove is fireproof!”

Oops. Gosh, I can’t even kill my sims properly!

Okay, Pizazz, everyone’s passing out and peeing themselves left and right. That stove had better catch fire!



Turns out that Maria, Jazz Hands, and Kristian are all Brave, which makes them automatically put out fires.

So I drown them.

“Gurgle, Jazz Hands! I’m–gurgle–drowning! H–gurgle—help!”

Sorry, Kristian, it doesn’t work that way in The Sims.

“Oh ho, someone’s not happy with their sims!”

Maria and Jazz Hands followed Kristian soon after.

And yeah, I know this is completely evil, and I have no excuse other than that I wanted a clean end to this legacy.

Ugh, the more I think about it the more this was totally unnecessary.

With the drowning of the Brave sims out of the way, it didn’t take long for another fire to start, claiming Frederick’s life.

Pizazz went down soon after, though there was so much fire it wasn’t possible to get a good picture of it.

Bedazzle, however, refused to die…

…So into the water it was!

“Yay, I get to take a swim!”

“Um, what’s going on? Why can’t I get out of the water?”

*Buries head in shame* I should never have done this.

So, here’s the graveyard, complete with everyone but Penelope’s graves.

And here comes the social worker to take away Globox and his half-brother (whom Kristian had with Pizazz) Kaathe.

But that’s not the end!

Well, it is the end for the Flitts, but rest assured: I will be starting a new family. Expect the first chapter of it tomorrow.

(And yeah, I know the chapter was really short and abrupt, but I didn’t want to focus too long on this because of how messed up it was.)


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  1. I’ve been reading through this and ISBI a bit earlier, and while i was sad to see that one end prematurely. I was DOUBLEY sad about this one. I really love your sims and little convo’s you had with them. It’s sad that you lost your founder. Something simliar happened to me (my founders portrait disappeared from the list) during my legacy and even resetsim wasn’t able to bring her back. I was kind of attached to her so, sigh.
    Actually yours and mine were similar is someways, both were maxed in Gardening, Painting and Fishing, though mine never had a “real” rabbithole job. ^^
    I’m off to read your latest one :D

    • Oh wow, I’m so glad you enjoyed them! If it weren’t for how laggy the Sims 3 has become on my computer, I’d definitely go back to the Kirkovitches, but alas. I do have full intentions of finishing the Emotes, though, and I’ve got something fun planned for after that.

      Sorry about your legacy founder. It sucks to lose sims.

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