The Civilization V One City Challenge Part 2: Reckless Endangerment


This post is going up a bit later than I’d wanted, but for once it’s not entirely my fault. I had written a significant portion when, while trying to save my draft, WordPress encountered some sort of error and lost everything I had just written. Sometimes I hate computers. Then I need to look something up on Wikipedia and, grudgingly, I forgive them their faults.

Well, that headache out of the way, let’s continue.

<Turn 21>

Nice, now I can take advantage of the stone south of Delhi–after the city finishes building that worker, of course.

Yeah yeah, I get it, my scout’s in a bad spot. I’m not an idiot, though, Mr. Military Adviser; I’ll move him to a safe distance in a minute. First, I have research to attend to.

I consider things for a while, trying to decide between The Wheel, Trapping, and Pottery, before finally choosing The Wheel. Being riverside, Delhi will be able to build a water mill to boost production and growth sometime in the future.

<Turn 22>

Okay, now to–wait… Where did my scout…

Oh my, this is a bit embarrassing, really. It seems I somehow allowed my scout to be murdered by barbarians. I’ll be honest, I don’t always pay as close attention to my scouts as I should, and I truly can’t remember what exactly I did wrong.

Well, now that I’ve learned my lesson (hopefully) I’ll just have to use my spearman to keep exploring for the time being.

<Turn 23>

Nothing of consequence happens.

<Turn 24

My spearman moves to the north, exploring a little more of France’s border.

<Turn 25>

Hmm, now the barbarians are moving in on Delhi. Admittedly the unit is fairly weakened, but I know he has friends and that there is a hostage back it its base, so I decide to have my spearman head back south to take care of the problem for good.

<Turn 26>

Ah, a German scout comes within range of Delhi. I wonder where Germany is?

<Turn 27>

Lhasa requests my help with the barbarians to their west, but unfortunately I’m busy dealing with my own barbarian problem at the moment so theirs will have to wait.

Excellent. Delhi has finished building a worker, and I decide to have them make a quick scout next to replace the one that I… erm… “misplaced.”

<Turn 28>

My spearman tracks down the wounded barbarian, and my worker reaches the gold to build a mine, which will be the first tile improvement they construct.

<Turn 29>

The barbarian is easily defeated, and, seeing that the remaining unit is also injured, I immediately send my spearman to eradicate it.

<Turn 30>

 Time once again to spend a civic point. I select legalism to unlock, not because it will be particularly useful to me with only one city, but because it will allow me access to the bottom of the tree, which is where the good stuff is.

<Turn 31>

My spearman defeats the last barbarian of the camp, destroying it, looting a small pile of gold, and capturing a worker that formerly belonged to France. When you capture a unit that used to belong to another Civilization or City State you can choose to either return it to them, thus gaining a bit of good will, or take it for yourself. I choose the latter.

Also, Delhi has finished building that scout. I decide to build a watermill next to take boost Delhi’s production and food output.

It’s time to select a new tech to research as well, and I choose Pottery.

<Turn 32>

I send my spearman and newly acquired worker back south to Delhi, and my new scout heads southwest.

<Turn 33>

Wow… Not even five turns out and already my second scout is near death. I waste no time in ordering him back to the safety of Delhi

<Turn 34>

My scout reaches Delhi, as do my spearman and worker.

<Turn 35>

I send my new worker to build a pasture for the horses west of Delhi, and my other worker, having finished building a mine on the gold to the north, begins constructing a farm in the flatlands east of Delhi.

Also, fearing that the barbarian may yet give chase to my scout, I send my spearman south. Even injured as he is he still has more health and attack power than the barbarian.

<Turn 36>

Yep, the barbarian followed my scout all the way back to Delhi.

In Civ 5, cities have the ability to bombard enemy units once a turn, providing they are in range, and I take advantage of this to obliterate the wounded barbarian.

<Turn 37>

Ah, Pottery’s finished. Since I’ll be gaining access to horses in the near future, I select Trapping for my next research. Trapping will allow me to build a circus in Delhi, a building which provides happiness and does not have a maintenance-per-turn charge, as do most other happiness providing buildings, indeed most buildings in general.

<Turn 38>

My spearman and scout heal, and my workers continue their projects.

<Turn 39>

My spearman finishes healing and I send him south towards the barbarian camp just west of Lhasa.

<Turn 40>

My scout is fully healed, and I send him west.

 <Turn 41>

Nothing of note happens.

<Turn 42>

My spearman reaches the barbarian camp, its sole defender already wounded from doing battle with a German scout, and quickly dispatches the enemy.

Delhi’s first farm finished, I send my worker to build a pasture for the cattle recently brought within our borders. My second Worker, having finished secured the horses for Delhi’s future use, is sent to build a farm on the tile just east of the horses.

Well darn it if that isn’t another perfect place for a city. Usually when I play Civ 5 it seems like I can never find a good place to expand to, and now that I can’t they’re all around me. Oh Well.

<Turn 43>

My scout continues west.

<Turn 44>

Delhi’s finished constructing a watermill, and I choose The Pyramids for its next project.

Well, my scout has found the west coast of the continent, and a barbarian camp as well. I’ll want to be extra careful around that, given my track record in these situations.

Pottery having finished, I select Calendar for my next research project, since it will allow me to build a plantation for the cotton near Delhi.

<Turn 46>

My spearman returns to Delhi to heal.

<Turn 47>

Nothing of note happens.

<Turn 48>

My scout encounters the Japanese Empire. There is still relatively little to do in the way of diplomacy, so I quickly take my leave of the honorable Nobunaga.

It’s also time to choose another civic, and I select Landed Elite, which will greatly boost Delhi’s food production and population growth.

<Turn 49>

My scout explores a portion of Japan’s northern borders.

<Turn 50>

Periodically the game will pop up these lists showing all of the Civilizations listed in order of some semi vague statistic. I’m not entirely sure what this list means, but I think it might be something to do with overall score. Hey, at least I’m not the worst.

With that, I think I’ll end part two of the One City Challenge. I seem to have worked out the technical issues that delayed this post, and hope to update at least once every Monday from here on out.

See you next time,



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