I read The Hunger Games before it was popular.


*hipster glasses*

Anyway, as I’m sure everybody knows by now, The Hunger Games is a thing and this is its main character. I drew this for my friend’s birthday.

Birthday fanart. I think it should be a thing.


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  1. Isn’t it just a pseudo-rehash of Battle Royale, only less awesome and with generous helpings of bull[censored] teen drama and angst? I’ve started away from it, but the first thing I thought when I heard the basic premise was “uh, Battle Royale…”

  2. Actually, it’s pretty good. It’s like…1984 with reality shows and a surprising lack of teenage angst. (Come to think of it, 1984 probably had more teenage angst than The Hunger Games.)

  3. Uh, I dunno. I just read the plot synopsis and it’s Battle Royale PLUS:

    Her:”OMG we’re fighting!”

    HIm:”Yes, but I love you!”

    Her: “You just want gifts!”

    Him: “Nuh-uh! I’m being srs!”

    Her: “Hey! New rules! OK, we can win as a pair!”

    Him: “OW! I am hurt”

    Her: “I will care for you but I am falling in teen love with you at the same time!”

    Him: “Uh oh! No more team rules! Two kids enter, one kid leaves!”

    Her: “[Censored] that, I’m gonna get some suicide berries and make sure the bigwigs know we’re srs. Because I love you and would rather die than kill you. That and I think they want SOMEONE to win, even if it’s two people”

    Him: “Your plan worked!”

    So… yeah. It’s a young adult book, so it’s already more than likely to have most of the above bull[censored] just by design. Watch Battle Royale. It’s nice and gritty, with a good [censored]-you ending to boot. THG sounds like some survivalist thunderdome version of Romeo and Juliet. *yawn*

    • BUT….But … if it turns out it is well-written despite having cliche situations, I’d give it a read. So while I may be biased, I’m at least kind of open-mindedly biased :P

      • I’ve heart legitimate negative things and legitimate positive things about the books (I can’t give you my own opinion, not having read them in a while), but discounting it on the whole teen angst thing or supposed Battle Royale ripoffing is silly, IMO, because I don’t believe either of those are valid. If you’re going to tell people to watch Battle Royale because it’s just so much better than the Hunger Games or something… read the Hunger Games first.

        (Also, I edited your comments for language. Just a heads-up.)

          • Appropriate? What defines appropriate? No, it wasn’t the main topic of the post, but a little tangent, but it’s discussion nonetheless. If your Troll-Detector is starting to buzz a little, get it fixed, I don’t troll. Waste of time for everyone. However, if it is so decreed that discussions must not deviate from the primary topic at hand, then … ok. Stifles discussion and interaction in the long run, but …

            And to go BACK to the primary subject, nice artwork, seriously. I can’t draw at ALL, not with physical pens/pencils, not digitally, nothing. I am always amazed at how people can take a few simple shapes and lines and make it actually LOOK like something, and look GOOD. My stuff looks like I taped a crayon to a chicken’s foot and let it walk on the paper. Worse than that, actually.

        • I dunno… They both involve a plot which centers on teenagers forced to battle each other to the death until one is left standing. Granted, add in some character development and mix it up a bit, but the basic scenario sounds pretty much the same. I’m not even going to bring up Lord of the Flies like some people have, since that’s only tangentially related, if at all.
          What’s wrong with discounting it for teen angst/cliche (assuming it exists, and not just a misconception)? I’m not into the whole wangst thing going around, so I’ll pass. Again, assuming it’s actually there and not just me making false assumptions.

          Why censored? Personal preference or some wordpress mandate?

          You know, if this discussion keeps up, I’m going to HAVE to read it just so I have first-hand data. And part of me thinks … I might … *whispers* like the book. See, THAT is angst! :P

          • I just don’t think a discussion of a book’s quality on a post about art based on the book is relevant. *Shrug* Won’t keep me from replying to you, of course. XD

            The thing is, everything you’re saying is based on assumption. As far as I can remember, the teen angst is not at all a big part of the novels (merely the part focused on by the Twilight crowd, i.e. the books’ biggest fanbase), nor are they copies of Battle Royale–at the very least, they go beyond Battle Royale, given the fact that there are multiple books.

            Personal preference. To my knowledge, there is no content on this blog past a PG rating, and that’s the way I like it.

  4. [Can’t do more than 5 nested comments, so this is in reply to emoted’s reply starting “I just don’t think…”]

    I suppose it’s not “relevant” since it’s not the primary topic, but the book was mentioned, and discussion starts. Kind of like regular spoken conversations, organic outgrowths. I’m somewhat confused as to what relevance the irrelevancy has since everyone’s participated in the conversation to a remarkable degree. So I guess no, it isn’t directly relevant, but so what?

    Your comment about assumption is what sealed the deal for me. Time to get an ebook of The Hunger Games and see first hand what it’s like. I’m wondering how close the film adaptation is, however, since THG the book and THG the film might be two VERY different things catering to two very different audiences. We shall see, however. I shall go forth and venture into unknown territory, push past my prejudices and give THG a try. I’ll let you know how it turns out (and I’ll be HONEST, too!)

    Wow… I never would have expected THIS to be a result of this thread – but I’m kind of glad :) Who knows, maybe I’ll be a cheering fanboy myself in a bit :P

    • Fair enough. :)

      Having just seen the movie today, it’s mostly similar–it ended up feeling kind of like a checklist, running through the different scenes well but without any particular gusto, but was overall enjoyable. (As much as the source material can be enjoyable, that is.)

      I hope you like it!

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