The Kirkovitch ISBI Chapter 3: Mjolnir


I’m sure you’re curious about that title, so why not read the chapter?

Welcome back to the Kirkovitch ISBI! I join you today with this shot of Ebon Hawk’s imaginary friend becoming animate. And since this is an ISBI, I can’t keep her from interacting with him, which should result in some funny situations. (Or not; it could go either way.)

*Sigh* She’s never going to get any schoolwork done, is she?

Meanwhile, Lincoln is toddler skilling with Monumental, but that’s boring so I won’t continue to cover it.

Later that day both Lanya and Lincoln had work, so it was to the babysitter service they went!

This guy looks kind of seedy, but…

…He’s actually quite good with Monumental. He pretty much ignored Ebon Hawk while he was there, but that’s okay ’cause she had T3-M3 (her imaginary friend, if you’ve forgotten).

The next day was Monumental’s and Lanya’s birthdays.

“Hooray, I look exactly the same!”

Oh boy.

Yeah, Monumental’s pretty weird looking. She’s also now Insane, so I guess it fits.

Ignoring the plumbob, here’s the made over nursery, which is now a plain old bedroom.

And yes, there are three beds, because…

…LapTrap’s back from boarding school! Though I doubt you care since he’s barely been around.

The next day, Monumental”s imaginary friend became animate as well.

“Woo! I’m growing up!”

Whoops, looks like I forgot to give LapTrap a cake. Oh, well.

Because all the pictures were outside at night and thus mostly useless (though this one’s not much better), here’s LapTrap’s makeover shot. He’s now Nurturing, which is a pretty useless trait if you ask me.

I really have no caption for the picture; I just wanted to include it for no particular reason.


Ooh, looks like LapTrap got invited over to someone’s house on his first day of school! Let’s check it out…

Oh, wow.

I did a quick tour of the house, and I must say: EA really outdid themselves with this building. It is amazing.

And of course LapTrap chooses to play video games in a tiny corner of one of the bedrooms.

Well, that’s better.

Though he could at least try to look more interested.

Lincoln, you’re supposed to be under my control, so why are you getting out of bed for no reason?

“I’m growing up!”


(Should I stop doing the confused acts, on account of me knowing what’s going on after just a moment? I think I should. I will.)

(Thank you for your time.)

“Wait, what happened to my hair?”

Oh, guh, I have no idea! We’ll get rid of it in the morning.

Okay, LapTrap? It’s really late. Please come home.

Aha, yes!


I ended up using his teen move to get him home.

He didn’t even manage to make the bus.

His imaginary friend, GLaDOS, did become animate, though.

So, this is the bus doing its daily U-turn.

I’m kind of worried for the kids’ safety.

Now, this might look like an innocent glass of water, but it’s actually a potion that Lincoln made while grinding away at the chemistry station.

LapTrap, what are you doing outside the grocery store talking to a random man?

I mean, look at this guy who supposedly came home with you. He’s doing his homework! Why can’t you do your homework?


“Hmm… I wish to be heir!”

“I’m hungry!”

Yeah, because complaining about being hungry while seconds away from eating cake is going to make me want to make you heir.

This is undoubtedly the worst/weirdest/awkwardest picture I’ve ever taken.

Oh boy. (Yeah, I know, I’ve said that twice now.)

Here’s the made over Ebon Hawk. She’s now Insane.


I give LapTrap a new wardrobe, too.

“That is IT! Go take a time out!”



So, uh, that happened.

Okay, whatever your name is, please get out of Ebon Hawk’s bed. She needs to get to sleep!

There we are.

Wait, what?

Seriously, what? Ebon Hawk got up into bed, and then promptly went back down.

I’m not even going to touch on that thought bubble.

No. That is not acceptable behavior, Ebon Hawk!


The next day, this little guy showed up. I named him Mjolnir.

“Ebon Hawk, what do you think you’re doing? Your grades are horrible!”

“But it’s okay; don’t sweat it.”

Okay, so I made him do that, but why not? All the scolding does is give the kids a negative moodlet, which makes them less likely to do their homework. Silly sims.

“And you, young man! Do your homework right now!”

Well, I guess that works.

Oh, how I simultaneously love and hate imaginary friends. On the one hand, they’re really funny… on the other hand, they’re creepy and constantly distract my sims.

Later that day was prom, at which point Ebon Hawk’s and LapTrap’s imaginary friends became visible to all and apparently followed them.

I’m kind of confused.

Overall, prom was pretty uneventful, though apparently LapTrap and Ebon Hawk went to different ones.

What with Ebon Hawk’s Insane trait, though, that’s actually plausible.

The next day, it was Monumental’s birthday, a concept Lanya seemed to find incredibly enjoyable.

Yikes, way to look like some sort of deranged monster, Monumental.

Oh my.

Here’s her made over. I doubt her facial features would pass down well, but they work on her. She’s now an Angler, by the way.


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