The Kirkovitch ISBI Chapter 4: Imaginary Woes


Welcome back to the Kirkovitch ISBI! Where last we left off some of my sims had grown up and that’s about it.

Lincoln is still making potions at the chemistry station, and those potions have a tendency to blow up in his face… hence this picture of him going to work singed.

It would also appear that someone left a laptop in our house.

I sold it.

Yikes, looks like LapTrap’s heading over to someone else’s house again. Hopefully this time will go better than the last.

Looking good!

I’m not so sure what’s going on here. I think Lincoln is scolding Ebon Hawk, but it also kinda looks like they’re dancing.


Meanwhile, LapTrap has been kicked out of the house on account of the lateness.



The next morning, though, he ran back home to catch the bus.

Will he make it?

Yes! Just barely, too; I genuinely thought he was gonna miss it!

There was one notable sim missing, though…

“Do you mind?”

Do you? You missed the bus!

“Relax! I’ll just take a cab.”


“Ebon Hawk, you are failing school!”

This is pretty much a daily occurrence. Ebon Hawk is just not that academically gifted… that, and she never bothers with her homework anyway.

Real nice, guys.

Real, real nice.

Meanwhile, I use Lanya’s adult move to have her let Ebon Hawk off the hook.

“Yo, I made the potion you wanted.”


What was the potion, you ask?

Why, the Imaginary Friend Metamorphium potion! Guaranteed to make all of your imaginary friends real sims! I promptly use Monumental’s teen move to make Old One, her imaginary friend, real.

And no, Monumental’s not afraid of Old One; that’s just an Insane sim idle animation.

“Why hello there!”

Hmm, not too bad looking!

Here he is minus the ugly afro.

Lanya gets to training him in the athletic arts right away.

“Hey, can you focus on me for a moment? I’m becoming a young adult!”

Yay, now I can get you out of the house!


I was going to have him make his imaginary friend real but apparently he does not have much relationship with it so he couldn’t, so I give him a quick makeover and promptly move him out of the house.

But first, let’s recount his bio:

LapTrap Kirkovitch is a Daredevil, Nurturing, Eccentric Heavy Sleeper who Hates the Outdooors. His lifetime wish is to be a Monster Maker (make three creatures, such as Simbots), and he likes rockabilly music, French toast, and the color spiceberry.

Seeya, LapTrap!

Across town (okay, so it’s just down the street), Monumental is visiting somebody’s house.

At least she’s doing her homework!

Ebon Hawk is doing her homework too, but that’s because I used her teen move. Her grades are horrible.

I also grabbed her imaginary friend and put it in Lincoln’s inventory so it can’t distract her.

Or, you know, you could go home to eat.

“One step ahead of you!”

“I… hurf… maxed athletic! Hurf.”


For some reason the school bus’s routing is messed up, and the kids always have to run across the street to take it back home.

That is, when they’re conscious.

Yesss, Ebon Hawk is doing her homework autonomously!

As a reward, I gave her back her imaginary friend.

Bad idea.

“Ha ha, I reached level nine of the athletics career and completed my lifetime wish!”

The next day, it’s Ebon Hawk’s birthday.

And it’s no ordinary birthday: I’ve decided to make Ebon Hawk heir, and since she’s becoming a young adult that means that in just a moment I’ll be controlling her and Lincoln will be left to free will.

“I’m tired!”

I’ll give you a bed as soon as you get your hair changed.

But first, bio time!

Ebon Hawk is a Brave Genius who’s Mean Spirited, Insane, and a Couch Potato. She likes pop music, hot dogs, and the color lime, and wishes to be a Pervasive Private Eye (complete thirty cases as a private investigator, I believe).

It was at this point that I wanted to give the Kirkovitches a new house, so I moved Ebon Hawk’s bed outside and had her sleep out there…

…then put a sprinkler outside to distract the rest of the family.

It didn’t prove to be quite the sim magnet  I expected, so I ended up just making Ebon Hawk play in it and invite the others over.

Anyway, here’s the new house. I didn’t quite end up with enough money for it, hence the cheap lights, unfinished bathrooms, barren bedrooms, and empty reading nook, but it’s a start!

Here’s the outside view.

That’s an… interesting choice for your first interaction in the new house, Old One.

Ebon Hawk, on the other hand, is busy building up her relationship with T3-M3, as it turns out she barely knows him anymore.

Oh, pillow fighting, how I love you.

That night, Monumental and Old One manage to find their beds well enough.

Lanya, however, still has a thing for her sleeping bag.

I’m pretty sure I ended up selling it.

“You know, if T3-M3 ends up really ugly, you could always marry me off to Ebon Hawk.”


More relationship grinding…

But first, it’s time for Ebon Hawk to graduate!

Lincoln is actually in that car, by the way, even if he doesn’t show up. It’s kinda weird.



…Hello? Who are you?

“The repairwoman.”

Why do you have Ebon Hawk’s hair?

“No comment.”

Oh yeah, time for T3-M3 to become real!


T3-M3 is a Good Workaholic who’s Mean-Spirited, Eco-Friendly, and a Party Animal. He wishes to be a Renaissance Sim (which I believe means to max three different skills), and likes ratatouille, indie music, and the color orange.

[Insert clever segue into chapter end that I can’t think of.]


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