The Kirkovitch ISBI Chapter 6: Time for a Wedding!


“So, how do you feel about education?”

“Honey, I’m trying to focus on our chess game.”

Welcome back to the Kirkovitch ISBI! Last chapter things happened etc. moving on.

Oh, the joys of waiting for textures to render properly.

Lincoln and Lanya are still working hard at their careers, even if I can’t control them. They’re making some serious money–a good 2,000 simoleans per day, I think!

I think this picture is for Lincoln reaching level ten of his career, but I’m not sure.

New room time!

Well, technically it’s just a loft area in the master bedroom, but whatever. (And yeah, I see the broken wallpaper–I fixed it later. I also changed the carpet’s color at some point.)

With the new room came a bit of redecorating: first in the kitchen, where I made the counters’ colors more pleasing…

…Then in the living room, where I changed a few colors (most notably on the TV and couch)…

…And finally, I expanded the master bathroom a bit and added a tub. It’s probably unnecessary, since there are four full bathrooms and everyone’s on different schedules since it’s an ISBI, but I like how it looks so there.

This is Ebon Hawk’s awesome PI outfit, by the way.


Wait, what?



“Oh yeah, I’m cool!”

Don’t even think about ringing that doorbell!

“So, what do you think about education?”

“Yeah, I’d like to hire a maid!”

You know a legacy’s moving up when they’ve got a maid!

I don’t think these two have ever not posed together. It’s really cute.

“I like fire!”

“I like light bulbs!”


“I’m your new maid, etc.”

“Scrubby scrubby!”

(And according to Firefox, that’s a word. I really question Firefox’s spell check (I’m pretty sure that’s supposed to be one word, by the way, but Firefox says no so I will go with it) sometimes.)

“Okay, I’m out!”


“Your teeth are amazing, you know!”


This was all in free will, too.

“Hey, creator, T3-M3 sucks! Make him go away!”

“Grr, that toilet of a man makes me so mad!”

“I must drown my anger in exercise!”

“Wait, what’s going on?”

You’re becoming an elder!

“Oh, okay! Here I goooooo!”

“Oww, all this spinning and twirling makes my back ache!”

Here she is post-makeover. She aged well!

“Lincoln, please take a bath.”

More gnome cuteness.

Meanwhile, Ebon Hawk is investigating down at the park…

…as a very boring SimFest takes place.

“I’d really like to retire, creator.”

Just one more day of work! I need you to get another promotion so that your pension will be higher.

Wait, I don’t remember giving you that dress! What’s up, Lanya?

“Creator, that isn’t me. Also, I got that promotion you wanted!”

Well, then.

“I’m retiring, boss!”



“Woo, yetis!”

That is not how you celebrate somebody retiring, T3-M3.

“I’m coming, Mom!”

“Wait, how did I get outside?”

“Oh well. Back to bed!”

Ebon Hawk got a medal, by the way.

Oh look, it’s Old One!

Try to look interested, Ebon Hawk.

“Aaagh, the shower is broken!”

Oh, that does not look comfortable.

“Hey, I’m growing up!”

“Yay, Lincoln!”

“Ha ha, you’re gonna be old and wrinkly!”

“Wait, is that true?”


“Oh man, this is gonna be so good!”

“I think he was right…”

Oh come on, it’s nothing a quick trip to the mirror can’t fix!

See, look, you look great!

“But I’m wrinkly!”

“Mm-hmm, I retire!”

T3-M3, I thought you hated Lincoln!

“Hey, care to focus on your only playable sim for a moment?”

But all you do is play chess and investigate, Ebon Hawk. There’s nothing to cover.

“Oh, hello there! I’m your repairman!”

“Boo! Boo, Lincoln!”

That’s not very nice, Mr. Repairman.

“Hrmph, I hate Lincoln.”

I really should find a mod to get rid of the autonomous heckling… it’s really irritating.

Then again, it’s also pretty funny.

Aww. Lincoln and Lanya are so cute together.

Much better than Ebon Hawk and T3-M3, who would be fine if T3-M3 weren’t so mean-spirited. (Which is actually because he has that trait.)

Drama aside, I used the Kirkovitches’ 10,000 simoleans to build a little… area thing off the master bedroom.

It’s got a really nice view. I’m pretty sure it points towards the sunset.


Ebon Hawk, it seems, has begun to build up a relationship with her car and even gave it a name I’ve since forgotten. (I think it might’ve been Imelda–I went with a game generated name, regardless.)

I really don’t understand why EA chose to add this feature to the game. It’s just weird, and not in an endearing way.

Enjoying the new hot tub?

“Very much so!”

Mjolnir, what are you doing on the walkway?

I mean, look at Eliza! She’s right by the walkway, but in the grass–that’s where you should be, Mjolnir!

Ooh, looks like Ebon Hawk has reached level… I think it was seven, maybe eight–anyway, she got a promotion! And since she’s getting pretty close to being an adult…

“T3-M3, I know you hate my father, and you’re really not that nice a sim, but you have good genetics and I don’t have time to search for a new spouse. So…”

“Will you marry me?”

“Gasp! Of course I will!”

Those eyes are frightening. Just sayin’.

“We’re gonna get married!”

Cue overnight wedding area!

Ignore T3-M3; for some reason he decided that the dining table wasn’t good enough.

Since Ebon Hawk will be having children soon and she needs to be at home to care for these children, I’ve waned her off the investigative work and put her to painting. Soon the house will be decorated with her work!

Oh, looks like it’s time for the wedding!

Of course Ebon Hawk would choose her bathing suit, and of course she’d have an attack of insanity… *sigh*

And of course Monumental would be in her workout wear.

“You’re the one who gave me this outfit in the first place!”

But you must admit, it looks awesome. Just not at a wedding.

“The dishwasher is broken!”

Also, your daughter is GETTING MARRIED.

“What? Since when? To whom?”

“Oh yeah, time to get married!”

“Oh, I can’t believe my daughter is getting married! Even if it is to that–”

Cutting you off now. No swearing in this ISBI!

“I vow to… uh… Sorry, I didn’t really have time to write anything.”

“It’s okay, I didn’t either.”

“Waahhh! It’s so romantic!”

“I can’t believe you wanted to pair me off to that wimp.”

Um, Lincoln, the wedding isn’t over yet.

See, look, they’re exchanging rings right behind you!


“Don’t mind me, I just need to find a seat.”

Really, Lanya? Really?

Well, at least the couple was oblivious to the shenanigans going on around them.

Let’s hope none of the petal-throwers get stuck this time.

Now it’s time to cut the cake with an awkward animation!

“Dad, go to a different table.”

“Thanks for the tip, Monumental!”

There’s always one, isn’t there?

Some issues with routing and fencing kept Ebon Hawk and T3-M3 from making the hot tub before sunset, but they were able to snuggle in regardless.

And it’s with that I leave you! Next time: babies?


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    • Oh wow, somebody actually reads this? Thanks so much!

      With babies come some surprises, that’s for sure–I have all the pictures, so I’ll hopefully have the chapter written by the end of the week.

  1. I love it too, really cool family. I’ve been following since the beginning, just never thought to drop a comment! :P Super awesome legacy though! As long as you keep updating I’ll keep watching, its in my bookmarks! :D

    • Awesome! I’m gonna be updating this weekend (I planned to get a chapter up on Sunday, but then the post editor glitched and half of my pictures messed up and I just couldn’t bring myself to redo them), so stay tuned!

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