The Kirkovitch ISBI Chapter 7: Things Happen



Looks like someone’s pregnant!

And still arting. Though with the light in that room you can’t even see what it is.

(I changed around the lighting soon after.)

Taking pictures of these two will never get old.

Obligatory shot.

Whoa, Lanya, what’s that?! I’ve never seen a sim cross their legs before!

…Okay, so maybe I’m reaching for stuff to write about, but eh, I try.



Have I ever mentioned how poor a ghost LapTrap is?

Well, he is.

This is pretty much Ebon Hawk’s life, currently.

That and receiving glitchy wedding presents that won’t show up.

No, no! You’re supposed to love each other, not hate each other!

Since Ebon Hawk is on the older range of the baby-having scale, I figured twins would be nice and so I set her to listen to kids’ music and watch kids’ TV. (Because that is how things work in the sim-verse.)

Lanya, however, tried to ruin everything by working out.

Luckily, she can work out to kids’ music so it was all fine.

“This show is garbage!?”

“Wait, you don’t like kids?”

“That’s not really what I said, but no. I much prefer running.”

Aww, what an adorable painting.

Whoa, Ebon Hawk! Since when do you hate pregnancy so much?!

Oh, okay. It’s just a fit of insanity.

That is too creepy for words, Lanya.

Way, way too creepy.

By the way, I think the view from this window is really pretty.

Just sharing.

This picture makes my stony, evil heart turn to fiery, destructive magma.

Oh, woops. Looks like I forgot to sell the boom box.

These two have repaired their relationship, by the way. T3-M3 is now friendly with both Lanya and Lincoln.



This is your fault, and don’t you deny it! Just look at your evil smirk!

Oh, god.

I’ve been hanging up Ebon Hawk’s other pictures, but… no. Just… NO.

Oh, looks like Ebon Hawk is going into labor!

“MOM! DAD! T3!”

“Did you hear something, Lincoln?”


“Thought so.”

T3? Nothing? You don’t hear anything?

“Not a peep!”

“Hee hee… feets.”


Despite her useless family, Ebon Hawk gave birth to a baby girl (yeah, just one; I did something wrong, apparently) named WordPress, under the theme of websites.

It was at this point, however, that something went horribly wrong: WordPress’s portrait disappeared. For the non-Sim players out there, the game has a line of “portraits,” (basically pictures) along the left side of the screen, of the sims in your family; clicking on these portraits is how you select another sim. (This can also be achieved with the space bar, which will rotate through your sims). WordPress, however, did not have one, and no amount of pressing the space bar got to her.

I tried resetting WordPress (the sim, not the site), but no dice. I lost the baby.

So I (mentally) went “[censored] this” and decided to play the Sims 2. I’ll have that up in a week or two.


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