The Kirkovitch ISBI Chapter 8: And We’re Back!


So, yeah. As evidenced by this picture, WordPress is a selectable member of the family–the glitch is gone!

In case you’ve forgotten what’s happened in the ISBI since I stopped: I started with founder Lincoln Kirkovitch, who married Lanya LastNameForgotten. They had three children: LapTrap, Ebon Hawk, and Monumental. LapTrap died mysteriously shortly after becoming a young adult, and his grave is currently set next to the family house. Ebon Hawk, the heir, married her imaginary friend, T3-M3, who’s Mean-Spirited and flip-flops between being friends and enemies with Lincoln and Lanya. Monumental managed to get out of the household without dying.

More recently, Ebon Hawk got pregnant and had a baby, WordPress, but WordPress was unselectable and thus not a proper member of the family, but as I said right up there, the issue is now fixed.

Let’s jump in!

Ebon Hawk was in dire need of a toilet just as she went into labor, so she made a mad dash for the bathroom the moment I started the game, leaving WordPress outside. (She can’t be blamed for being a bad parent; I made her do it!)

Of course, there’s no need to worry about WordPress–Ebon Hawk set her down in her crib the moment she could.

Meanwhile, Lincoln and Lanya had headed outside to care for WordPress, but instead they just ended up continuing to destroy their marriage.


Her parenting duties out of the way, Ebon Hawk settled down for some sleep. Also dreams about potted plants, but I’m not sure what that has to do with anything.

While Lincoln and Lanya flocked to WordPress and frequently cared for her, I made sure to direct Ebon Hawk to do some parenting. She can’t very well have zero relationship with her child, after all!

(Not that she and Lincoln even know each other at this point.)

Anyway, the grandparents were often otherwise busy. I guess they just weren’t meant to be.

I still blame T3-M3, though, for becoming friends with Lanya and Lincoln. There can only be so many positive relationships in one household!*

*I may have just made this up. Maybe.

I don’t know what this painting is, but I love it already.

Oho ho! Pregnancy #2 is on the way!

“Say, T3, have I ever told you about the time Ebon Hawk tripped in an empty room?”

“Why no, I don’t think you have!”

Mom! I told you never to talk about that!”

“She’s such a lousy secret-keeper.”

Uh-oh. Will this manifest itself into a spontaneous storyline that won’t appear till the next chapter since I just thought of it now? Or will it be completely forgotten about? Only time will tell!

(That, and me. I tell you everything.)

(Except for the noodle incident. But that can’t be proved.)

“The crushing weight of inner sadness has interrupted me from painting.”

Nope, you’re just pregnant!


“Wait a second. I don’t like babies!”

Oh, and here’s the painting.

Insane sims sure do make the best paintings! (Not that I’m any good at characterizing Ebon Hawk as insane.)


“Take that, you–you–Goshdarn flabbity, I can’t think of anything he won’t censor!”

“How about jerkwad? Like you are!”

“Why, I never!”

Wait, guys. What’s this all about?

“He came up to me and started yelling about burnt pancakes!”

T3, is this true?

“Maybe, but–”

T3, nobody’s burnt pancakes in this household in weeks.

“I forgot about it until now!”

“I really don’t like burnt pancakes, though. They’re like garbage, and I HATE garbage.”

“Really. This is what he says to me?”

“Look, kid, I don’t care about your opinions on overcooked breakfast pastries. Come talk to me when you get out from behind those negativity clouds.”

Upstairs, Ebon Hawk painted this adorable piece.

But where is Ebon Hawk, you ask? Well…

“I’m going to the spa!”

…So why are you holding WordPress?

“She said she wanted to go.”


I’m pretty sure this was a glitch, actually, because WordPress’s mood meters continued to decline while she was in the spa.

Afterwards, I had Ebon Hawk listen to some kids music while watching kids TV. She will have multiple babies this time!

“You know, I’d much rather be on the computer right now. I bet this show’s online.”

Once she finished up with the TV-watching, T3-M3 came over and started dancing with Ebon Hawk.

“Wait, were your eyes always that color?”

This is really cute, you two.

An unknown amount of time later (unknown because I didn’t play for a week or so), and it’s time for T3-M3 to become an adult!

Lincoln, why are you cheering? You hate T3!


The house is going to burn down, I just know it.


Congrats, T3. You look exactly the same as you did before.

Over in the nursery, it was time for WordPress to become a toddler!


WordPress is a Neurotic and Perceptive sim who likes classical music, French toast, and the color brown.

Here she is with proper hair. I swear, my kids just keep getting cuter and cuter.

Though her brown hair is disappointing. Both her parents have awesome hair colors, and this is what she gets?

“Who’s a little cutie? You are!”


Some time later…

“Oh, bleeping bleep! Not again!”

“Isn’t anyone going to come and help?”

Your parents are sleeping and T3’s in the hot tub. No dice.


I just wanted to point out how nice this view is.

Now back to Ebon Hawk’s labor!

“This is all your fault. I blame you!”

I don’t think I’ve ever had a sim look so positively outraged to be giving birth.

Everything went smoothly, though, and little Dragon Cave here was soon a member of the family.

Here’s a closeup on that painting, by the way.


“So, this makes two kids total, that’s enough, right?”

Sorry, Ebon Hawk, but the popups had me name two new babies.

“But look! I can’t set down Dragon Cave because of this easel! I can’t give birth to another kid now!”

So I guess that’s why she spawned on the floor?


Uh, anyway, meet GiantBomb. Also meet the end of the chapter! Next time: the babies grow up! Familial drama! Probably a shot of Mjolnir and Eliza!


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