Has it really been a year already?


Survey says:

It has! Actually, it’s a few days past our anniversary. Oops. Anyway, I thought it would be fitting to share some of our stats on this momentous occasion. Check out our average views, top authors, and most commented posts under the cut!

(Note: some of the images got mangled in resizing. Click them to see the full sized versions if you’re having difficulty.)


Fun fact: though most of our other months in 2011 had larger amounts of views than August, August technically wins since it had less days (since we started the blog over halfway through the month). If you look at its average per day, the month technically has a viewcount of 527!

Views By Country

Earlier this year, WordPress introduced a feature that tells us where our views come from around the world. This doesn’t account for anything before that point, so this isn’t a fully representative idea of where our views come from, but it’s pretty good.

Interestingly, Germany is right behind Canada, the UK, and the US. Who’d’ve thunk?

Top Searches

These are the top ten search engine searches that resulted in somebody finding our blog. Alpha Centauri dominates the field, which is an omen of what’s to come…

Most Commented Posts

Muahaha, looks like I have the most commented posts! Aside from “I read The Hunger Games before it was popular.”, these are all mine.

Most Popular Tags and Categories

Looks like NekoShogun is dominating once again (since the Alpha Centauri searches would have resulted in his post on it, he “won” the search results). Hrmph.

Top Posts

That’s right: NekoShogun has all ten top ten posts by views (discounting “home page/archives”, of course). Even though I easily have over twice as many posts has him, his are quite popular.

Top Authors

I have the advantage in quantity, but NekoShogun’s posts dominate in terms of views. So the question is: which one of us has the most views overall? Or will GhostlyOtter come up from behind and prove to have the most?

Nope! NekoShogun’s got the most views, with nearly 3,000 more views than me. Poor GhostlyOtter’s stuck with just 313 views.

Miscellaneous Stats

With 180 posts, 182 comments, 19 categories, 217 tags, and 46 followers, we’ve done fairly decently for ourselves! Of course, a bunch of those followers are spam accounts, but… well, there is no but. Oh, well!

So, that’s it for Soulish Exhortation’s stats in year one! Here’s to improving our counts by next year!


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  1. Happy Anniversary! Probably due to the final book’s release, the Max Ride sporks became popular. I esp. enjoyed reading them.

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