The Kirkovitch ISBI Chapter 9: We Can’t Afford the Maid


I played most of this chapter like a month ago, so let’s see if I can put it together in a coherent fashion!

If you remember, Ebon Hawk gave birth to, uh… Dragon Cave and GiantBomb. Yikes, I’m already forgetting their names!

Anyway, here’s the expanded nursery. It’s pretty cramped, but it works so eh.

“Did you know that I have a gold ring in boxing gloves?”

“Wait, really?”

“Yep! And I have the power to destroy you, if I wanted to!”

…I think his face speaks for itself.

“Shoo moo too hoo coo!”

“Okay, now you’re just speaking nonsense.”

Landscaping time! Ain’t it pretty?

It also exhausted pretty much all the money the Kirkovitches had accrued. Which meant…

“Can’t pay my salary? Fine, then, I’ll just take this lamp that’s worth five times what I’m owed!”

You dastardly villain!

Meanwhile, Eliza has gotten old while Mjolnir stays exactly the same.

“Oh, I don’t mind, being old has its perks. I get this wicked beard, for example.”

Since the family’s low on cash, I give T3-M3 a job in the criminal career track since it’s close by the house and also he seems like the type.

“Just because I’m mean-spirited doesn’t mean I like stealing people’s stuff! …Though I do.”


Eliza and Mjolnir moved near the cars, making me realize that the one was really boring and not customized by me.

So I made it disco. Techno? I dunno, something that ends with O.

I’m, uh, not actually sure what Ebon Hawk is getting here.

She seems similarly confused.

Then, suddenly, a birthday!

I was trying to grow up both GiantBomb and Dragon Cave here, but the game insisted on having Ebon Hawk bring them both to the cake, even if she’s already handling one of them, so it has to go one at a time.

I swear, this game.

“Haha wooo!”

Yay, she has T3’s hair color!

GiantBomb is a Clumsy Hydrophobe who likes Cobbler, Roots music, and Irish Green.

Oh, ah, nothing to see here. Nopenope.

Here’s the new toddler, Dragon Cave. He’s an Insane, Brave sim who likes Rockabilly music, Cobbler, and the color Seafoam.

A quick hairstyle change later, and GiantBomb and Dragon Cave are officially adorable!

I’m not sure if I’ve said this before, but Lanya and Lincoln hate each other. Seriously, their relationship meter is as negative as it can get.

Next up to the birthday cake is Ebon Hawk, who’s about to become an adult!

“What is wrong with my hair.”

Don’t worry, we can fix it.

“Now my head’s through a door.”

Hey, that’s not my fault!

Having a nice time in the hot tub, Lanya?



So then I had like fifteen pictures where I wasn’t sure what was going on and then

Oh, Mjolnir.

And then this gal showed up and I think it’s ’cause it’s time for a birthday party?

Yep! Here’s… I think it’s WordPress? Yeah, WordPress, becoming a child.

…I may have invited too many people.


“Oh, hey, I grew up.”

“Do I get any presents?”

How about a makeover?

“That’s a terrible birthday present.”


Anyway, it’s here I’ll wrap up this chapter. The next one’s pretty big, so stay tuned!


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