An Emoted Uglacy Introduction


As promised last week, here is my first foray into writing a legacy for the Sims 2!

For the uninitiated, the Sims 2 is quite similar to the Sims 3. There are all the same basic concepts—you have your sims and their moods and their jobs and so on. A few key differences is that rather than the Sims 3’s wishes system, the Sims 2 has wants and fears. At any given time your sims have four wants and four fears, which are randomly rolled based on their situation and personality. Fulfilling wants will make your sim’s aspiration go up, whereas fulfilling fears will make it go down. The higher the sim’s aspiration (ranging from red, which is negative, green, gold, and platinum), the more happy they are, and the better they’ll perform certain activities such as learning skills, working at their job, and even growing up.

Sims also have specific aspirations: Pleasure (added in the Nightlife expansion pack, which focuses on going out and partying and having fun), Romance (which isn’t “true love” romance but “have as many significant others as possible” romance), Family (which is self-explanatory), Knowledge (Knowledge sims will want to learn skills, do well at their job, and interact with supernatural creatures), Fortune (which means they want money and expensive objects), Popularity (again, self-explanatory), and Grilled Cheese, which is caused by the fail-state of an aspiration award and causes sims to have a singular need for grilled cheese sandwiches.

There are also aspiration rewards, which are bought with aspiration points (obtained from fulfilling wants), and are all objects that help with a sim’s life. There are also career rewards, unlocked by reaching certain levels of different jobs. Unrelated to aspiration rewards is the fact that the Sims 2 isn’t open world like the Sims 3, which mostly means that I can’t visit other sims’ houses and that time freezes on community lots. There is also a chemistry system in the Sims 2, which is calculated based on sims’ turn ons and turn offs (such as blond hair or handiness), their aspirations, their personalities (which are determined by a point system in different categories rather than traits), and so on. Chemistry is marked by lightning bolts, ranging from negative one to three, which is rare and the best possible.

You may have noticed that this is called an uglacy, not a legacy. That basically means that I’m aiming to create ugly sims, with the goal of getting the ugliest sim possible in ten generations (though I’m just playing to five). I decided to do this since all my sims were turning out attractive in the Sims 3, and ugly sims are way more fun.

I’m doing all this in a custom neighborhood (which is a simple matter in the Sims 2, as games are separated by neighborhoods and not save files) named AdjectiveNounVille, which is filled with custom sims, custom townies (townies are homeless sims with certain traits randomized), some game-generated townies, some simselves (sims meant to look like the people who created them), and a whole bunch of community lots made by yours truly.

With that out of the way, let’s jump in and meet our founder!


Meet Penelope Emote. As you may have guessed, she is a rough recreation of Penelope Flitz. The reasoning behind this was me going “hey, Penelope is pretty, and uglacies start out with pretty sims, so I’ll make her in the Sims 2.” Unfortunately, the Sims 2 only has thin sims and less thin sims, and emulating her face when she was thinner made me end up giving her some weird cheeks. Oh well!

Penelope is a Popularity sim (I would have made her family, but I didn’t want to deal with “have a billion kids” wants in my first generation) and I forget her other stats. They’re not really important anyway.

Ah, founder living! I can’t wait to get Penelope a real house.

Anyway, let’s get Penelope spouse-hunting. First up: the pool.

Isn’t it pretty?

Okay, so this guy’s not ugly, but he’ll be good fodder for setting Penelope’s gender preference. Go flirt with him!

“Why, aren’t you the handsomest sim in town!”

“Oh, my, thank you!”

“Ha haaaaaa.”


Okay, enough of that. Penelope, scope the room! Let’s see who you find attractive.

Yeah, I may have forgotten to make any ugly custom townies. Oops.

Sorry, Penelope, but this guy’s out.


“Heh, heh, I didn’t actually want to dive off the diving board. Really.”

“Who do you think you’re fooling, kid?”

“Wheeee! This is so fun!”

Yeah, but there aren’t any ugly sims about. Go somewhere else.

Aren’t my building skills fantastic? This is the grocery store that also has a coffee patio because coffee.

Oh, and who shows up but my simself who looks nothing like me?

“Hey, stop staring!”

Penelope, go talk to me!


“You know, you’d better not stalk me or I’ll call the cops and you’ll go to jail.”

“Hmm… jail…”

“Is that where they have handcuffs? I like handcuffs!”

“Hi, random sim, I think I made a friend today! Will you be my friend too?”

“Oh, uh… I think I have to wash my hair that day.”

Okay, Penelope, time to head home.

Ah, jello. You require no preparation, you don’t go bad, and you fill up the hunger meter fantastically.

And Penelope loves you!

And then Penelope got a job. I think it’s in the culinary career?

Then I sent Penelope back out to the pool, where she, uh.

I’m not sure what’s going on here, actually.

Yeah, my failure to make ugly townies isn’t so great. The ugliest candidate we have is this guy, who’s currently skinny-dipping in the hot tub. So I sent Penelope to the grocery store, and…

Oh, my.

Oh ho! Just look at those lips! Quick, Penelope, go talk to him!

He will be ours!

“Urk, I smell.”

I don’t care! Go play kicky ball with Greg! (Lip guy.)

The ugly WILL be mine.

“Oh, this match is too intense! I can’t watch!”

Meanwhile, this sim—Carmen San Francisco, who I actually created and gave a house—kept showing up wherever Penelope went to sob at nothing.

Oh look, the downloaded sims came to welcome Penelope to the neighborhood! Here we have Don Uglacy, from Candi[numbers]’s uglacy, who my simself had a fanshirt of if you recall, and Uranium Apocalypso, from EphemeralToast’s apocalypse challenge. Don is pretty nice (at least, that’s how he’s characterized), but Uranium is an evil romance sim so that’s… not good.

Muahaha, meeting Penelope fulfilled one of Uranium’s wants!

“You know, you are an attractive human specimen. I would not mind kissing you.”

“Why am I here. I don’t think Samara would approve of this.”

Don’t worry, I couldn’t download Samara! (His wife.)

“Hmm… I’m gonna have to decline that offer, sorry. I only like the guys.”

“I’ll be your friend, though!”

“What are you thinking, trying to seduce a legacy founder? She has to have babies, and you can’t impregnate her!”

Okay, let’s end this here, you two.

Timeskip! I invited Greg over and it would appear that things are going well, despite Penelope’s stinkiness.

Which isn’t my fault! She just can’t afford a shower.

Aha! I don’t care that Greg is revolted by Penelope’s stinkiness, which she’s complaining about. You two have crushes on each other now, and that’s what’s important!

Run, random townie woman, run!

Augh, those lips.

The next day, as Penelope was going to work…

“Ew, you smell!”

“It’s perfume! You just have no taste!”

Later that day (or was it the next day?) Penelope threw a party. Unfortunately, Carmen here was the only one to show up.

And I’d really appreciate it if you wouldn’t mooch Penelope’s food, Carmen. Sims actually have to pay for snacks in this game!


“Waaah! I stink!”

Just get Greg to move in and it will all be better, Penelope. Invite him over, now!

Pah, too easy.

With Greg’s money, they were able to afford a small house with a shower.

“Would you like to buy a… wait, what?”

Yep, Penelope definitely works in the culinary career.

Anyway, I’ll cut off here. See you next week!


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