An Emoted Uglacy Chapter 1: Kids Inbound!


This is an early chapter because I found an easier way to write them, plus I really like playing the game and I don’t want to get too far ahead in my playing in relation to the posted chapters. Enjoy!

The next few days passed slowly, with both Penelope and Greg focusing on their jobs. I also gave Penelope glasses and makeup and had Greg eat a bunch until he was fat so that they’d fit each other’s turn-ons better. Now they have two bolts of chemistry when Penelope’s got her glasses on.

Penelope also rolled the wants to both have two best friends and be best friends with Carmen San Francisco, so I invited her over.

“Did you hear about that sim I don’t know? She did something scandalous, I think!”

And then Greg got a chance card (in the Sims 2, sims will sometimes get chance cards while working. These cards give you a scenario and two choices for how to proceed; both can work and fail, but one usually has a higher chance of success) and earned a bunch of money so I bought a car since Penelope wished for it. He also got a promotion, I think.


“Penelope, we’ve been living together for a couple of days now, and since days are analogous to years in sim lifetimes, I have a question to ask…”

“Will you marry me?”


“Oh, look at the ring! It’s so pretty!”

With the large amounts of money the two were earning, I renovated the house.

And then it was time for a wedding party!

It’s a simple setup since they don’t have much money, but who cares? It’s just a wedding.

“Oh wow, my fiancee is hot!”

Greg, that is not appropriate behavior!


“Yeah, yeah, when is it time for the champagne? And when can I get this alien lady in the hot tub?”

“I think the baboon-faced human is attempting to flirt with me.”

Yikes, Uranium and Gage (Gage Uglacy; stepson of Don) together. Now that’s a scary thought. I think it happened in some story I read, though.

“Oh, my, that Gage is fine!”

PENELOPE! You do not swoon over the ugly romance sim the moment your new husband has turned his back!

Champagne time!

“I toast to glitched arms! And also Greg and marriage, I guess.”

Penelope, what are you doing?

“I have to put the champagne down somewhere!”

Put it back on the ground!


Yeah, I have no idea what’s going on here. Though it would appear that Gage is thinking about multiple women as Uranium heart-farts over Carmen San Francisco.

And then everyone went upstairs for some reason?

“Hey, do you mind? We’re trying to pee.”

Oh yeah. The champagne plummets everyone’s bladder motive.

Penelope and Greg don’t seem to have any issues, though.

No, not again! Carmen, stop!


No, I don’t know why Don’s got a beef with this dude.

“Oh my god, is that a space rocket?”


Okay, that’s not too catastrophic.

Then the party ended with a great ranking. Toasts are the secret to success!

Guys, I know you’re waiting for your honeymoon limo, but standing in the street isn’t exactly the best idea.

Have fun!

They did, and when they got back they slow-danced in the street.


Sorry guys, but it’s back to skilling.

And then Penelope got a chance card and I got it right and she got a promotion.

And then her new work hours had her going to work right away and then she got another chance card and another promotion.

Go Penelope!

And then her pregnancy showed.

“This is the greatest day ever!”

Ah, weather, how I’ve missed you.

This picture pretty much sums up Penelope’s pregnancy. She basically just slept and ate.

Oh, and then I directed her to clean up some roaches and apparently this is an extremely traumatizing experience.

“WAAAAH! Those cockroaches had lives and families and I killed them all!”

“Augh, labor!”

“Greg, help!”

“Sorry, I have to go to work. Have fun!”



(That’s Simlish for baby.)

“I think I’ll name her… Madeline!”

This time around, I’m not going for a naming scheme. I’m just using whatever names sound good to me.

“Hmm, green stuff seems to be emitting from this baby. It must need another bottle!”

I swear, Greg was the worst parent ever. The only time he bothered with Madeline was to feed her when she needed a diaper change.

What can I say? It was an uneventful few days.


Wait, she looks cute! I want my money back!

Urk, toddler skills. They’re so tedious.

And then I tried to have Penelope and Greg have car woohoo to conceive the next baby, but being in a car makes sims count as being off the lot so I had to hire a nanny.

Penelope, you have a baby. Is this really the best use of your time?


Aaand baby number two is on the way!

Sometime around this time Greg got a chance card and I got it right, resulting in 30,000 extra simoleans. This is a lot, so I gave the Emotes better furniture and sent Greg out for a wardrobe change.

I may have forgotten about his needs while doing this.

And then it was time for Madeline to become a child. She’d better turn out ugly.

Well, that’s creepy, but she looks relatively normal.

“Ha ha, I got a slice of cake! They’ll never catch me!”

So she’s a little weird looking, but overall not nearly the levels of ugly I was hoping for. Oh well.

“Oh no, labor again!”

“Yikes, Mom is having a baby!”

Maddie, Penelope is in the bathroom. You can’t even see her.

And why are you smiling like that?

Greg, you’re even farther away than Madeline.

This makes no sense.

Another nooboo girl, this time named Hattie. Hopefully she’ll be more ugly than Madeline.

Maddie and Greg are best friends, and absolutely adorable.

Then Greg rolled the want for Madeline to get into private school, so headmaster visit it is!

As Penelope cooked a meal in her underwear, Greg gave the house tour. The headmaster kept shrugging every time I showed him a room, but we ended up with thirty points (out of a needed ninety) from it so eh.

After a dinner of porkchops, we only needed three more points so I had Penelope do a little schmoozing.

Schmoozing which was worth twelve points, yikes! We ended up passing the test with absolute ease, and Madeline is now in private school.

“Huh, she’s giving off the green fumes just like Madeline.”

“Guess I better put her on the floor.”


I’ll stop here. See you next time!


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