An Emoted Uglacy Chapter 2: Clone


Okay, I got nothing. Read the chapter if that’s what you want!

“Huh? Why are you waking me up?”

The baby calls, sorry.

Wait. Are you actually feeding the baby when it needs to be fed?


“Yeah, I just hate parties. Don’t you?”

Penelope, I see that “have a party” want in your panel. Heck, I locked it a simday ago!

…You really need to get your priorities straight.

“Dear diary. Today I played chess with the chess table. He’s really nice. His name is Bertrand.”

“Hey, hey! Pay attention to me! I got an A+, aren’t you proud?”


Greg, what are you doing.

“I’m helping the baby grow up.”

So then why have two simhours passed without it working?


Carmen, by the way, just entered the house and started watching TV. I didn’t invite her and she didn’t ring the doorbell, so I honestly don’t know what happened.

Dang sims.

Okay, time for Hattie to grow up! Let’s do this!


Oh. Whoops.

Okay, you may not notice it, but Hattie here looks identical to Madeline, and has an identical personality. This is because of a glitch in the game that causes this to happen that is easily fixed, only I forgot to fix it.


Let’s get to those toddler skills, I guess.

No. Madeline, no. That is not appropriate behavior.

Er, uh…


Well, you might not want to take that helmet thingy into the bath. I’m pretty sure it’s electrically powered, and…

“Aw, you’re just being a worrier! I’ll be fine.”

“I have a want to fish right now but my creator won’t make a pond and let me. What do I do?”

“Do I fly away, like a bird?”

“But you don’t have wings.”

(This, by the way, is Alunamoon, the cheat-spawned daughter of Uranium Apocalypso and GhostlyOtter’s simself.)

(What can I say? I got bored.)


“Whoo! I’m jumping on the bed and nobody can stop me!”

Madeline, stop that!

“I can’t, I have to keep doing this until I overheat and make Mom and Dad stop worrying over the clone!”

That’s ridiculous!

“La la la, can’t hear you!”

C’mon, Madeline. Greg loves you!

Wait, what’s this? This can only mean one thing: a party!

That’s right; Hattie is becoming a child!

“Whee hee! I’m a clone and there’s nothing you can do to stop me!”

“Yaayy, I’m ruining all of my creator’s hopes for getting an ugly sim!”


The next day…

“I wish for Hattie to disappear.”

“Hey! I heard that!”

Okay, is it just me or is this really creepy?

“Whoo hoo! Go big sis!”

Let’s assess the damage, shall we?

Grr! She’s not ugly in the least!

“If I can’t be unique, I can at least not be ugly. Also, I’m a pleasure sim now. That’ll teach you to allow clones!”

Blech. Pleasure sims love to go out on dates, and after trying a few in other families I’m already sick of them. They take forever and require micromanagement and unless I can nab a dream date the sim’s motives will have dropped a bunch by the time they’re over.

Headmaster time again. We got this.

Look, what a nice meal!

Okay, so it’s just leftovers, but it’s high quality food.

Unfortunately, the tour went awfully. The headmaster was not pleased at all with the current state of the house.

And then I decided it was a good idea to send Madeline off to college? Yeah, I don’t know what I was thinking, especially since she had only been a teen for a couple of days.

I set Penelope to schmooze the headmaster for the last twenty or so points we needed, but it still wasn’t enough and with a few seconds left on the clock we had failed.

“What’s that? I look like a young Meryl Streep? Why, thank you! Of course I will clean your house!”

So I had Penelope influence him to clean.

But now it’s time to leave the main household and follow Madeline in college for a little bit. Say high to the readers, Maddie!

“Don’t call me that.”

Madeline had the lifetime want to become a game designer, so I set her up with a college major that fit that.

Then I let her follow her wants for a little bit. Flirting…


And buying clothes were all on her agenda.

Having fun?

“I guess.”


“Ha haaaaa!”

“Hi, Madeline! I’m not sure if you can tell from my llama jacket, but I am a member of the secret society and I would not be averse to your joining.”

“What’s this guy’s problem? I’m trying to dance!”

I have never seen a sim look so serious while dancing.

“Hi, professor!”

Ignore the streaker, ignore the streaker…

“Urgh, I hate that girl! I’m out!”


Of course she wanted to flirt. Of course.

“Your jacket is just so cool… You will be mine.”

“Aw, that’s so nice!

“Wait, what was that last bit?”

And then, get this, Madeline rolled the want to do her term paper.

What’s up with you, Madeline?

Whaaat? And then she wanted to do an assignment? Madeline, what kind of pleasure sim are you?

“The kind that wants to do good in school.”

Then Madeline threw a party, inviting her headmaster while she was at it.

There are no ulterior motives to this, nopenope.

None at all.

…Okay, maybe some.

The next night, I had Madeline invite the professor out on a date. Here they are at A Nightclub to Remember, made by yours truly.

“Madeline, are you trying to lower your hands on me? I know I agreed to go out on a date with you, even though I’m your professor, but that is uncalled for!”



Nope nope nope nope nope.

Are you happy or unsure, Madeline? You’re not telegraphing very well.

Speak to me, Maddie! Communicate!

I guess that’s a happy?

(The screenshot doesn’t show it very well, but Madeline is woohooing with the professor in the photo booth.)

“Woooot! Way to go, you two!”

“Haha, thanks! I give autographs, you know!”

While woohoo with the professor ensured Madeline passing grades, I had her skill anyway.

I’m not entirely sure she disliked it.

Eh, Madeline had two bolts with this guy anyway.


“Whoa, what is that?”

“Tyler, noo! I’m going to—”

“Fall on the ground. Tyler, why…?”

A quick bit of relationship building later, and the leap into arms interaction was a go.

Then I was going to let them woohoo, but apparently they didn’t know each other well enough.

Somehow this seems more intimate. It’s at least more creepy.

AND THEN this happened while Madeline was on a date with the professor.

“How could she do this to me? I bet she didn’t even like my jacket!”

“Did I just ruin a relationship? I think I just ruined a relationship!”

“That was great, Madeline. Let’s do it again!”

Um, Tyler? Aren’t you mad?

“Pah, as if I care about her. If she thought that making the bed was more important than letting me slap her, I don’t want to give her the time of day.”


And again with the term paper wants! Seriously, Madeline, what’s up?

“So, what’s your opinion on dresses?”

“You know, I think I should go.”

I’ll leave you, dear reader, with this shot of Madeline looking comically surprised while skilling.


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