An Emoted Uglacy Chapter 3: New House


Short chapter today, since next time I’m covering till Hattie becomes an adult.

“Hey, do you play tennis?”

“I don’t. It kind of scares me. I’m always afraid the ball is going to hit my eye.”

“…What’s this kid talking about? We don’t have tennis in simland.”

(That kid, by the way, is Baby Butters, cheat-spawned son of Uranium Apocalypso and the simself Professor Butters.)

(I just wanted to see how their genetics would combine, okay?.)

“I prefer sumo wrestling myself.”


Carmen no.

Carmen stop that.

Then I was going to renovate the Emotes’s house with all the money they had, but for some reason the terrain was glitching so I had to move them. Say goodbye to this lot!

And say hello to the new house!

Here’s the kitchen…

The dining room, with portraits of Penelope and Greg peering down on whomever eats here…

And the living space.

The upstairs is harder to capture with individual pictures, so here’s the whole thing. It’s less complete than the rest of the house, too, since they ran out of money.

And here’s a full shot of the first floor. It ended up looking kind of like a loft, but family sized, which I think is really cool if only because I’ve never done anything like it.

“Oh, this new house is so nice! This floor is great for dancing.”

“Yeah, Baby Butters, I got an awesome new house! My parents are kissing all over it, though. There’s gonna be cooties everywhere. Yuck.”

“Hattie, who were you talking to?”

“Baby Butters, Dad.”

“What were you talking about?”

“Nothing! …Heh.”

These two love each other, really. Greg’s been good with the girls, baby stages aside.

“Where did the money for this house come from, anyway? Have you been punching in extra hours at work?”

“Uh… sure. I’ve been working night shifts.”

“No you haven’t!”

“You were selling baby shoes.”

I’m pretty sure that was brought on by the burnt chili.

I hope.

Skilling, skilling, how I hate and love skilling.

And then I remembered: career rewards! Penelope had long since unlocked hers, which teaches her cooking skill without a fun drop and also earns small amounts of money. Muahaha!


YES! Greg reached the top of the business career! His lifetime want is to reach the top of the science career, and I completely failed to do that, but I don’t care!

I must say, though, his new carpool is a bit much.

Party time!

Looks pretty lively.

“Hey! HEY! Pay attention to me!”

“That’s better.”

Um. That doesn’t look quite right.

“Whoo, go Hattie!”

“Yay, little sis!”

“Gooo Hattie!”

“Ack, I’m dying! Help!”

“Oh, okay. Never mind.”

Hattie is now a popularity sim, which I felt was fitting. She strikes me as the type to force people into friendships.

Then, following the precedent I set with Madeline, I sent Hattie off to college.

Wait, what?

Hattie. What are you wearing, Hattie?

“Bye, Dad!”

“Bye, daughter!”

Next up, Penelope was becoming an elder.

“I am old now.”


“Waah haaaah!”

Uh… what’s wrong?

“That mean lady keeps poking me!”

“Yeah, and you deserve it! For what you said!”

“I told you, I didn’t say it!”


Really, Alunamoon? Really?

I leave you with this shot of Penelope retiring. She was only one promotion from the top, but there were a bunch of skills she still needed so I did it anyway.


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