An Emoted Uglacy Chapter 4: College, Whoo!


I’m still not sure where that weird outfit came from, because Hattie’s wardrobe is normal here.

Well, maybe not normal, per se. But it’s at least not quite as crazy as that getup she had leaving the house.

I moved her into the dorms with Madeline, then used their combined money to grab an empty lot. It’s like early legacy living, only without easy means of income.


“Now, don’t expect me to treat you like a kid who plays with kids’ toys! Just because you’re my belated identical twin doesn’t mean I have to be nice!”

“Do you understand?”

“Ha ha, yeah, of course I do!”

“Really? Awesome!”

…What just happened.

“Hello, yeah? I’d like to register our household as a Greek house.”

Twenty simoleans later and we’re the newest Greek house on campus. Also the worst.

“Hey, professor? I just started a new semester and could do with a little grade boosting, if you know what I mean.”

Unfortunately, the dang taxi was slow, and by the time Madeline reached A Nightclub to Remember it counted her as having stood him up. I was able to start up a new date, but he was angry with her so the woohoo failed.

I’m not sure what he’s getting points for there. Reject a Sim for Woohoo: +2,500 influence points?

“Waaah! The professor is so mean!”

The rest of the date was spent gossiping, but that wasn’t enough to save it.

Hrmph. Stupid professor.

“Now, next time you invite me on a date, I expect you to actually show up on time.”

“I won’t have any of this lateness business!”

“Yes, professor…”

Madeline really wanted a date, so I called up the matchmaker. She’s basically a harmful stereotype with legs, but she provides an invaluable game service: blind dates!

“The heck is going on over there?”

“Now, as I was saying, Madeline, if you only give me three dollars your date will be extremely low quality.”

“Wha? Where am I?”

This was basically the entire date.

“Aaaargh! You can’t give me a good date and I’m not having any fun and this sucks and I wanna go home!”

So I set her up with another date with the professor.

I’m not entirely sure what’s going on here.


You might think these pictures are all from a single woohoo, but nope: Madeline kept rolling the wants, so they did it three times.

I feel kinda gross now.

Party time!

“Wow, this guy’s not very good at kicky ball.”

“Oh well, I’ll do my streaker dance anyway!”

Madeline had a bunch of lifetime reward points (if that’s what they’re called in this game—I can’t remember) saved up, so money trees it was.

Then the professor dropped off an expensive TV as a date gift. For once, he’s actually done something nice!

I got tired of having to go out for dates, so.

“Hattie! Stop writing your term paper and get in the bathroom!”

What are you doing.

Whoa, NICE!


I’m… not sure what’s going on? That seems to be a theme here.


“Madeline, why would you do that?”

“Ha ha, you should’ve seen the look on your face, you clone!”

“Take THIS!”

“Waaah! Madeline keeps using negative interactions!”

“Come on, Madeline, please stop. I know I’m a clone of you, but it’s not my fault! I want to be friends with you—maybe even best friends!”

“Wait, you’re right! You’re not to blame—he is!”


The next day…

“I’ve had an epiphany! I was only ever a pleasure sim because I didn’t like Hattie, and if we’re friends now that means there’s no reason for me to be a pleasure sim!”

What are you getting at?

“I used my junior year aspiration change to become a knowledge sim!”

“Looks like someone forgot to pay their bills!”


“You suck, creator! First you clone me and then you let the repoman come!”

“Ha ha ha! I’ll take your cheap chair, thank you very much!”

The sisters’ abode was coming along by the time winter came, but money was still tight. In the end, I was able to wall them in, but it took a lot of finagling.

What? No! Stop that, you two! You’re supposed to be friends!

Sigh. Just because I give them a positive interaction and some storyline doesn’t make them actually be friends.

It was around this time that I realized the sisters would need a greek house member to keep it active for the next round of kids. Mascot here was one choice, so I threw a party to get him to come over and ambushed him with positive interactions in the bathroom.

Another possibility was Tyler Das, Madeline’s freshman year fling. He and Hattie hit it off pretty well.

Very well, some might say.

“Hey, Tyler, you like me, right? Well, would you like to be a pledge to the Greek house?”

“I’d be honored! Thank you.”

“Hey, Tyler, guess what I heard—”

“Sorry, Madeline, but I don’t care about you anymore.”

Yeah, no wonder.

What? No!

“Sorry, Hattie, but I don’t feel up for that yet.”


“Oh, okay…”


Real nice, Tyler.

No worries. A bit of relationship spam later and he was Hattie’s.

The couple that harvests money trees together… well, I’m not sure. I don’t think that’s ever been a scenario before now.

After some micro-managing to make sure they didn’t attack each other while I wasn’t looking, Hattie and Madeline managed to get a bit of a relationship with each other.

Just in time, too, because Madeline had graduated!

Hattie, you’re waving the wrong way.

Soon after, Tyler’s pledge period ended and I moved him in. He’s a romance sim, which is probably why he wasn’t very torn up over Madeline’s cheating on him.

(Actually no, because the game doesn’t work that way. Even cheating romance sims get angry if they’re being cheated on…. usually.)

I didn’t exactly feel warm towards him, however, so I had him call over the sim he had the highest relationship with and flirt.

“Did he seriously just flirt with that guy right in front of me?”

“How dare you!”

“Hee hee, this girl’s kind of cute.”

I’m not sure what that guy’s deal is. Or why Tyler looks so nonchalant about being slapped.

“Smile smile.”

Hattie graduated soon after, and so it’s here I leave you. Next time: Madeline moves back in to the legacy house!


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