An Emoted Uglacy Chapter 5: Spouse Hunting


Before we get into the legacy proper, let’s check in with Hattie. In proper Uglacy fashion, I’ll be marrying off the spares to pretty NPCs so that I’ll hopefully get ugly ones in return. For Hattie, this means getting the pretty delivery girl.

Since I couldn’t call the delivery girl because of glitches, a quick party was in order. Here we have her, EphemeralToast’s simself, and a random sim I made so that my simself could have a parent (teen sims require parents in this game). I also invited Don Uglacy, but he’s not pictured here.

…You guys want to space out a bit?


“Hrmph. I should have known better than to come to this party.”

“Rrr! I’m still so mad at Tyler Das for cheating on me!”

Oh, come on. You’re getting a pretty delivery girl—stop thinking about a college fling!

Hee hee. Of course Toast went for the hot tub.

Soon enough I nabbed delivery girl here and gave her a makeover.

Great dancing skills, you two.

The wedding was supposed to be nice, but…

…The guests had other plans.

“Oh hey, my daughter’s getting married. Eh, whatever.”

Okay, back to the legacy household! Meet the new backyard, funded by the 20,000 simoleans Madeline got on graduation.

Sigh. The hazards of playful sims.


I bought Madeline some new clothes, then invited over the professor.

Madeline likes him, but he’s not ugly and thus worthless for our needs. Sorry, professor!

Now that she’s a knowledge sim, Madeline’s easy to please. She constantly rolls wants for the cooking and body skills, so keeping her in the gold (or even platinum) is a piece of cake.

Meanwhile, I’ve mostly been leaving Penelope and Greg on free will, which results in some interesting shenanigans.

Such as Greg sleeping in what is now Madeline’s bed.

The next day, I had Madeline invite over another professor. He’s ugly, all right!

“Makeup? No!”

“I hate makeup! Get your girly face paint away from me!”

“Um, okay. What’s your opinion on shoes?”

“Shoes? Pah, I hate shoes!”

Gosh, professor, we get the message. You hate anything even remotely considered feminine and thus you are not a match for Madeline or this uglacy.

Madeline got a new lifetime want with her new aspiration, to reach the top of the journalism career.

“Congrats on the job, daughter!”

Penelope and Greg are really cute together.

They’re also prone to dancing.

Meet Husband Contestant #2, Mickey! You may remember him from the party a couple chapters ago, where a mean townie was poking him.

“Oh my gosh, that’s the funniest joke I’ve ever heard!”

“Oh man, I can’t take the hilarity!”

“So, how about the weather?”

“Hmmm… I guess I like it.”

“Oh, my, that’s so attractive.”

Party time!

And you can stop that heartfarting, Mickey. Delivery girl is taken.

Time for Greg to become an elder!

“Um, Carmen, do you mind?”

I am so disappointed that Greg’s genetics didn’t pass on more. At least Madeline has his stubby nose.

Real nice, you two.

Madeline throws me this face when I tell her to kiss Mickey. I think it’s safe to say that she likes him more than either of the two professors.

I had Greg retire shortly after the party.

“Sorry, Madeline, but I’m not ready for the hug of moving in yet.”

“Now I am!”

Mickey moved in with 15,000 simoleans. I’m not sure about his personality stats (they’re not really important), but he’s a popularity sim who wants to reach the top of the adventurer career. Goodie.

“Okay, the chocolates are going to come along the conveyor belt now. Be ready!”

“Om nom nom!”

“That’s not what you’re supposed to do, Madeline.”

“Whoo! Dancing outside in the snow!”

“That’s my wife.”

“Mickey, our courtship over the last few days has been wonderful, and now I have a question.”

“Will you marry me?”


What? Since when do popularity sims dislike marriage?

I didn’t really feel like a wedding party, especially in the winter, so they got married right away.

I promptly gave Mickey a makeover. If he can’t be handsome, he can at least be amusing, right?

“Arr! Wait, that’s not what vikings do, is it? What sound am I supposed to make?”

“Whoo, dancing in the bathroom!”

Apparently something happened to the portraits of Penelope and Greg. Sigh.

Meanwhile, Mickey wanted a piano and so I obliged.

Penelope and Greg were very pleased with this.



Mickey is now in the adventurer career track. Success!

“Oh, god, labor!”

“Oh, hi Dad!”

“Please let it be a boy, please let it be a boy…”

It’s a boy! I named him Pierre-Luc.

Fun fact: I like the name Pierre-Luc, but I don’t like the name Pierre, and I don’t like the name Luke. Go figure!

“You bought a rabbit head toy? I am so disappointed.”

These two.

Yes, the walls are down, but I wanted to show Madeline’s priorities here—she left baby Pierre-Luc on the ground to go to work.

Okay, so the maternity leave is glitched and not functioning properly and I let her do it, but still.

Oops. I got a chance card wrong and Mickey got fired. At least he wasn’t far in his career path.


“Gasp! Is that baby naked?”

Birthday time!

My, don’t they look excited.

Only, I’m going to end this chapter on a cliffhanger and stop here. Tune in next time to see if Pierre-Luc is ugly or if I’m a complete failure at this challenge!


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  1. I really envy your ability to decorate houses! :D I just stick to EA made stuff because mine are always pretty bad.

    • Ha, keep in mind that this is after 6 or 7 years of pretty steady Simming. Way back during the first Sims game, my houses were always boxes with stuff shoved randomly wherever. Only after a lot of legacy reading and general experience have I reached my current level.

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