Gaming Hour with Otter: SERIES REBOOT!!!!!!111


Hi, internet! I am not going to offer any explanation whatsoever for my long absence. Instead, I’m going to talk about video games.

This is going to be a little different than last time. I discovered it’s really hard to play a game while taking constant screenshots of it and still keep track of the storyline. So this is going to be more of a standard video game review thingy.

And now, for our first game…

GAME: Psychonauts
PRODUCER: Double Fine
GENRE: Platformer

This is one of those games where I went in completely blind. I’d heard of it before, mostly from people wanting a sequel, but I didn’t know anything about the actual game.

You play as this guy.

Pictured: You

You are a ten-year-old psychic circus performer named Razputin who runs away to join a summer camp for psychics. That’s basically the whole synopsis. Except not. Because then a bunch of bad things happen, and since you’re the main character in a video game, you’re the only person who escapes and you have to SAVE THE WORLD. And also get all of your merit badges and become a full-fledged psychic before your dad comes to pick you up tomorrow.

And it’s AWESOME.

For starters, since you’re a circus performer, you can do all the fun platformer stuff like swing from trapezes and walk tightropes. You start out with no powers except your PSYCHIC FISTS, which are regular fists but powered with PSYCHIC ENERGY. As the game progresses and you get more of your psychic merit badges, you get the fun stuff like LEVITATION, INVISIBILITY, and TELEKINESIS.

Pictured: Telekinesis

You also have the power to project yourself into other people’s minds, hence the name “Psychonauts”.  In fact, most of the game takes place inside various brainscapes, each with their own theme and game mechanics. You can go from being Godzilla and wrecking an entire city to being a secret agent to playing a giant game of Stratego and it all makes sense within the context of the game.

Pictured: Schizophrenia

Well. Kind of makes sense.

If you couldn’t tell, I really, really liked this game. The art style was great, the characters were interesting, the dialogue was hilarious (to me anyway). The controls could’ve been a lot better, especially the camera. Some parts got really tricky because of the camera doing weird stuff, like switching focus mid-jump and forcing you to fall.

Oh, and there was That One Level. If you ever played this game, you know exactly what I’m talking about. If you haven’t, well…

Pictured: Please proceed into PLATFORM HELL

I don’t have a picture of the actual level, because I was too busy TRYING NOT TO DIE. It’s that kind of level. Nobody will blame you if you quit the game there and go play something that won’t make you break your controller. It took me as long to complete that one level as it did to complete the rest of the game combined.

You know what, you should totally still play it. I give this game a 9.5/10 because it’s JUST THAT COOL.

And now for the mandatory out of context screenshot:


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