An Emoted Uglacy Chapter 6: A Hunter That Knows Its Prey


When last we left off, Pierre-Luc was right about to become a toddler. Let’s check him out!

Oh, excellent! He’s looking ugly already.

Penelope has really taken up the hobby of bathroom Smustling, hasn’t she?

“Pregnant again!”

Why yes, she is eating cheesecake. Why do you ask?

Meanwhile, this is our new deliveryperson. Hrmph.

I don’t think I can leave Madeline alone for a moment without her doing this.

Time for Pierre-Luc to grow up!


And look at that profile! Lips that jut out, a nose that’s practically flat, oh my!

To room the extra kid, I extended the upstairs a little bit. Though as it happens I put the beds in the wrong rooms.

“Hey! Pay attention to me! I’m in labor!”

“Hey! Pay attention to me! I can’t get through the door into my bedroom!”

Aha, yes! Cheesecake-induced twins! A boy and a girl, named Paval and Rudbeckia (or Becky as I’ll be calling her) respectively.

The next day, Pierre-Luc brought over this boy from school.

He just… sat there, for a simhour or two.

I’m kind of scared.

Headmaster time!

Get that thought bubble out of there, Madeline.

“Wow, this bedroom is awesome!”

“This bedroom rocks!”

What are you trying to tell me, headmaster?

What—stop that, Penelope! I know you have two bolts with Mickey while he only has one bolt with Madeline, but that is no excuse to heartfart over him right in front of your daughter!

Greg, get that expression off your face. Your daughter really wants this.

I swear.

And then I found this interaction. Aww!

Crap, now Penelope’s teaching Pierre-Luc the way of the bathroom Smustle.

Gasp! Is Greg actually being helpful? I mean, other kid on the floor notwithstanding, the one he’s feeding actually needed it.

Okay, birthday time.

Paval grew up with this custom skintone I got from a sim I downloaded, which distorts his features in such a way to make it impossible to tell what he actually looks like. Sigh.

Becky, on the the other hand, is completely fine skintone-wise. Also, she’s really cute. Sigh.

With the wonders of smart milk, Paval learned all of his toddler skills in about twelve sim-hours.

And then I downloaded a mod to change his skintone. He’s… sort of a tiny bit ugly, I guess?

Pierre-Luc the little dancer is still uglier, though.


I have no idea what he’s crying about.

I don’t have any reason to include this picture other than the fact that Mickey’s face is really funny.


Penelope, stop relaxing on the bed next to your sleeping son-in-law.





No, stop, I wasn’t expecting this! And stop facing the wrong direction, Greg, you’re making this funny when it shouldn’t be!


Looking really sad there, you guys.

Greg left a bunch of money to his family, actually. Penelope got like 9,000 simoleans.

“Waaah… my husband is dead!”

This was the saddest Madeline ever got over her father’s death. Creepy.


“Gasp! Madeline is near! I can’t let her see what I’ve been writing!”

And why is that?

…Never mind, actually. I’m not sure I want to know.

Birthday time!


Hmm. Sort of ugly in this picture, but normally she’s still cute.

Paval’s toddler ugliness really dissipated. At least we have Pierre-Luc!

Argh! Another bed jumper!


Though for some reason it made my custom furniture bug.

“Interesting… I never knew we had antfarms in the simworld!”

That’s because they came with Freetime. FREETIME WOOO!

Oh my.

Unfortunately, the headmaster had been invited when I installed Freetime, and he ended up glitched without a way to interact with him. Urgh.


Oh yeah, and Paval’s skintone reverted. I fixed it later, of course.

Then at five the headmaster showed up, but we still couldn’t interact with him. Grrr.

Madeline seriously feared having Paval and Becky not get into private school, so I had to rush to boost up her aspiration. In the end I avoided catastrophe, but it was close.

Birthday number two!

“Huzzah, I am a teen!”

I rolled a virtual die for Pierre-Luc’s aspiration, and he got romance. And no, that’s not “walks on the beach while holding hands” romance but “be romantically entangled with everyone” romance.

And, using Freetime’s secondary aspiration system, I gave him the secondary aspiration of pleasure.

I do not want to know what this conversation is about.

As it turned out, sports is Pierre-Luc’s One True Hobby. It’s also the OTH of Paval and Madeline. Why all of them have the same one, I don’t know.


What. No.

Mickey. Mickey, stop.

“What’s going on over there?”

“Eh, it’s not important.”


Here lie Penelope and Greg Emote.


At least Mickey finished repairing that car?

Pierre-Luc had been running around with the want to have his first kiss locked for a few days when he met the newspaper delivery girl.

Freetime adds perks for sims, and one of the ones for romance sims allows them to “smooth talk,” AKA “give a person a rose.”

It’s a pretty nifty interaction.

Aw yeah.

Meanwhile, Madeline became permanently platinum via the lifetime aspiration feature in Freetime, without even having completed her lifetime want.

Sigh. Stop noogieing the girl you’re trying to seduce!

“Hi Pierre-Luc!”


Birthday time yet again!

“Look at me, I’m pretty!”

Becky rolled fortune, and I gave her the secondary aspiration of popularity… I think. It’s not super important.

Paval, on the other hand, is mildly ugly. Still not as much as Pierre-Luc, but close–in the right light. Sometimes Paval actually looks handsome; other times, he’s really ugly. It’s weird.

He rolled pleasure, and I gave him the secondary of knowledge.


Then, since the teens weren’t doing anything interesting (this is a few days after the twins grew up, actually), I sent them off to college. This seems like a fitting place to stop, so I will. Next time: college!


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