An Emoted Uglacy Chapter 7: The Romance Game


College time! Let’s check out how our potential heirs are looking as young adults.

AW YEAH! I really hit the jackpot with Pierre-Luc!

Paval’s decently ugly, too, but not nearly to the degree of Pierre-Luc.

And Becky, of course, is pretty. Sigh.

I dunno, she rolled the want to make money but somehow I think this isn’t how she wanted to do it.

Meanwhile, Pierre-Luc’s smooth talking anything that moves.

Such as Jeannie here.

“ExCUSE me? Don’t you dare try that again!”

I’m going to get really tired of this interaction, aren’t I?

“Um… what am I doing again?”

Becky is awesome and rolled the want to influence someone to do her assignment.

Paval, on the other hand, likes doing his schoolwork on his own. Secondary aspiration of knowledge and all that.

Then I had Pierre-Luc try to get into the Emoted Greek House.

What? Seducing the Greek house members isn’t manipulative at all. Anyway, he got accepted and moved in with ease, so that’s what really counts.

“Hrmph! Aren’t you an uglacy child? Shouldn’t you be, you know, ugly before you join the Greek house?”

“My face says I’m worried but my body says I’m happy!”

Pierre-Luc glitched out, however, and I ended up having to teleport him over. Sigh.

Paval got in with ease, luckily.

With the money the Greek house had accrued, I was able to build this humble abode.

Becky, stop that.

And you stop that, Tyler!


I sent Pierre-Luc and Jeannie out to the skating rink, where there was a hidden hot tub that’s really popular.

“Get out! We want some privacy!”

Haha, I see you, Dor! You hot-tubber!

“Oh yeah? If I was in the hot tub, why don’t you have any pictures of it?”

(Sorry, you probably have no idea what that was about. Callbacks to old legacies, yay!)



Uh… right. Let’s get out of here before this gets uglier.

I sent them down to Burgermania, a restaurant I built. It is a very sanitary and classy establishment, yes yes.

“What is she doing?”

“Aw yeah, I got sweet air guitar skills!”

The dining interactions added with Nightlife are so cute.


Uh. Moving on.

“Yeah, apparently nobody wants to kiss me. Isn’t that crazy?”


What can I say? Pierre-Luc’s lifetime want is to woohoo with twenty different sims, and Tyler is there.

Oh, whoops. Maybe having Pierre-Luc flirt with Minnie here wasn’t such a good idea.

“How dare you cheat on me! I thought I was your only love!”

“You have some nerve, Tyler! I know what you did to my aunt!”


Paval’s dating skills are really struggling.

Tyler’s a romance sim, what else can I say?


“I can’t believe you flirted with my sister after getting mad at me for flirting with Minnie after you flirted with some guy right in front of my aunt who you kissed!”

“Uh, I think I’ll play some SSX.”

“I know he cheated on me, but man, he is fine!”


Uh, Paval, you might want to move up and to the side a bit.

And then I pledged her in. What’s her name, you ask? I can’t remember!

And then I had Tyler flirt with someone who wasn’t Becky.

I’m really terrible at this.


Who even is that?

“I’m a knowledge sim now!”

I actually rolled for his aspiration change, and happened to get lucky. I think it fits Paval a lot better than pleasure.

Another date, another…

Liberace Prettacy?

Yeah, I don’t know what was up with this. Liberace just stood around as Pierre-Luc had his date with this girl.

He kept trying to introduce himself to Pierre-Luc, too, so I eventually obliged. I’ve never seen a sim so dedicated to meeting another sim.

“Wait, did you just try to talk to me? Ha! Get out of my sight!”

“Gosh, that makes me so angry! The nerve of some people!”

“He is pretty attractive, though.”

“But I hate him!”

Um, watch out, random sim I don’t remember the name of. I think Liberace’s got some issues.

Eh, why not.

Sorry, I only have the thumbnail for this one (by accident!), but here Pierre-Luc tried to smooth talk Liberace but Liberace was having none of it.

Unfortunately, smooth talking counts as flirting, which means Pierre-Luc’s date got angry, only I somehow managed to avoid the cheating slaps and the date meter didn’t go down. I also failed to get pictures of this.

“Ha ha! I hate myself!”

“Oh ho ho! You’re so terrible at dating, Pierre-Luc!”

“Ha ha ha! Ha… ha…”


I still managed to grab a dream date, though. Weird.

Skating rink time!

Oooh, look, an ugly sim! Pierre-Luc, introduce yourself!

And another! Awesome!

Paval is an artistic genius.

Okay, that may be my llama bias speaking.

And then I moved in what’shername, since the kids were getting close to graduation.

And then the cow mascot flirted with her and I missed it but Paval got really angry.

Only then they danced together and what’shername fell in love with him?

Dude, were you trying to kill yourself out in the cold?

“Maybe! I hate it here! You never let me date anyone and I’m left on free will except to do schoolwork so I’m always unhappy!”

“Yay, I graduated!”

And good riddance. Two romance sims under one roof? No thanks.

Then Pierre-Luc graduated, so it was time for a graduation party.


“Huzzah! I am now an adult!”

Paval and Becky followed suit shortly after, and so it’s here I will leave you. See you next time!


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