An Emoted Uglacy Chapter 8: Year of the Spouse Hunting Business


I had two different title ideas so I just used both.

So, interesting story: I kept thinking that Pierre-Luc looked familiar as I played, and then I realized that he looks just like the college streaker! What’s up with that?

Moving on, let’s check up on our spares. I downloaded a couple of houses for Becky and Paval since I was too lazy to build, and I set Becky up with deliveryguy here.

Then, because I was curious how their genes would mix, I gave them a kid. She’s predictably adorable.

I didn’t have an NPC lined up for Paval, so I let him use the matchmaker.

Sorry, Paval, but no. Charlotte “Chuck” Charles here is to remain unmarried.


So I had him order a pizza, and… Well, just look for yourself. He is so marrying the next girl heir. I mean, just… yuerg. This guy makes me want to shudder.


I didn’t even intend for this to happen! All I did was have Paval stargaze while I waited for the gardener!

Let me guess, though: I’ll never get an alien abduction in the legacy household. Sigh.

Anyway, the gardener turned out pretty, so she was a go.

I ended up using cheesecake to induce twins for Paval’s alien pregnancy. Here’s twin #1…

And here’s twin #2.

Now, let’s get back to the main household!

On a quick shopping excursion, Pierre-Luc ran into Vivian here, whom he has a whopping three bolts with. Too bad she’s 1) pretty and 2) a playable sim.

Oh, come on!


Then I had Pierre-Luc call up the Greek house placeholder.

…Only she got scared by a ghost and left.

I invited her back over the next day, and since they still needed a bit of relationship I tried out the love hot tub.

Yikes! I know that sims seem to think that Pierre-Luc’s pretty attractive, but I never knew he could induce burned skin!

Three things in this photo:

1: Penelope’s ghost! I keep missing the ghosts in this game ’cause they’re a lot harder to see than in the Sims 3. She and Greg are there, though. Greg is out pretty often.

2: Pierre-Luc’s in his underwear. That’s basically a permanent state for him, since that’s what he ends up in after woohooing and his constant stream of mood-boosting dream dates are keeping him from needing a shower.

3: Social glasses! Pierre-Luc has a ridiculous amount of aspiration points saved up, so they’re an affordable, easy way to seduce random sims.

Since he’s not getting up to much, I began having Pierre-Luc tinker with the electronic workbench. Servo, here we come!

I also had him stargaze…

But all he got out of it was frostbite. Sigh.

To break from the tedium, I created a business. As you might be able to tell, it’s a bed shop. It seemed all too fitting to give my romance sim a bed shop.

Pretty roof, huh?

Despite not having a sales badge, Pierre-Luc’s a pretty savvy salesman. No wonder, though, since his life so far has been devoted to getting sims to like him.

Mickey, on the other hand…

“Ha, trying to sell me a bed? That’s hilarious!”

Then why did you come to a bed shop? I swear.

To keep the Emotes going as long as possible, I began buying energizers with their oodles of aspiration points.

To use them without chance of failure, however, they had to at least be in the gold aspiration-wise and, well, there’s really only one thing Pierre-Luc wants.

Sorry, Madeline.

“So you’re telling me I should buy this expensive double bed for the simself house that doesn’t even have room for it? I think I’ll pass.”

And then we somehow managed to get a good review coupled with a best of the best award without me even realizing a reporter was on the lot. Cool!

…I do not want to know what NekoShogun’s simself was doing buying a love bed.

And so the Emotes returned to their lot, successful and accompanied by Greg’s ghost.

…And then I sent Pierre-Luc back. Not only would this allow him to date sims without me having to deal with Madeline and Mickey, but he’d get stars in the process.

Aw yeah! Woohoo number 20 with the good witch over there! Now Pierre-Luc will be happy for quite a while indeed.

And so it was time for him to meet his wife, whom I decided on upon seeing her in Pierre-Luc’s relationship panel. Her name is Reagen Brog, and I may have made her. I’m honestly not sure, but SimPE says she’s a townie and that’s all that’s important.

First comes red hands…

Then comes kissing…

And then comes… date gift pileups?

Why none of them suspect anything when they’re delivering four roses to a household of three, I’m not sure.

Oh, here we go! And then comes marriage.

Underwear engagements and awkward hugs, yay!

Can you guess which one is a romance sim?

A few minutes later, it was time for the wedding party.

“(I’m a romance sim, I hate marriage! Why am I doing this…?)”

“This wedding is so boring, Professor Butters! …Say, why are you wearing pink leopard print?”

“I have no idea. This so so not Squeaky Clean…”

(Professor Butters is a simself of someone who wrote the Squeaky Clean legacy way back. I can’t actually say that I read the legacy, but she’s an interesting-looking simself who I was familiar with and has comedic potential. Such as how I figured she should wear that dress.)

Why does Gage’s smiling always look so fake?

“Because I’m only here for the simselves!”

Yeah, well, the only simself here you’d be interested in is Professor Butters, and good luck with that.

Reagen, stop swooning over Gage!

I have a bad feeling about this marriage.

“So how do you feel about love?”

“I love it! …Really!”

And then somebody started a smustle over on the porch. I blame Don.

“Hi, Mr. Uglacy!”

Reagen joined the family a knowledge sim with the lifetime want to top some career, but that’s not the point of this image: I’m changing her turn-ons so that she’ll hopefully have more chemistry with Pierre-Luc. They already have two bolts, but their turn-ons don’t match at all so I was hoping for three.

Uh oh.

“I feel weird…”

“I think I’m hungry for some grilled cheese!”

Yeah, so Reagen’s now a grilled cheese sim who has the lifetime want to eat 200 grilled cheese sandwiches. Goody.

Oh, and Madeline became an elder. I actually missed most of it, since it happened right as she came home from work.

Um, Pierre-Luc, shouldn’t you go on the honeymoon?

No? Well, okay, I guess…

When Reagen got home from her single-sim honeymoon, I had her quit her job in the athletic career. Grilled cheese sims and the athletic career don’t mix, plus the family has like 70,000 simoleans so money isn’t an issue.

I sent the family back down to the bed shop, where Reagen refused to get into the gold unless she influenced someone to serve grilled cheese sandwiches. Hence the random kitchen.

“Hmm… are you sure you’re a bed salesman? I could swear you look just like this guy I knew in college.”

“No, I’m a bed salesman, I swear! …Say, I don’t suppose you’d like to go on a date…”

Oh, whoops. I guess letting Pierre-Luc go on a date with his wife in public might not have been a good idea when he has something like twelve different lovers.

Mickey, will you stop that? She’s not available and she never will be!



Though apparently she’s getting aspiration points for being cheated on?

Hey, look, GhostlyOtter’s simself showed up to buy a heart bed.

“Oh, no, a lightning strike hit this tree! I’m losing stars over here because of a natural disaster!”

Oh, come on, you’re an evil witch; you can just put out the fire!

Gak! I had Reagen take over the till while Madeline recharged at the energizer, which made the customers complain to Madeline, which kept the other customers from being rung up!

“Is this how you serve a simself?! I can take my business elsewhere, you know!”


…What did Mickey do?

After a really lucrative stint at the business (the Emotes easily made 40,000 simoleans at least), I let Madeline retire.

Back at home, I gave Reagen a quick makeover. She’s still ugly, but at least she’s got good hair.

And then I started on her lifetime want. I was able to get seven or so sandwiches in, which is a good pace if I’m going to reach 200 by the time she dies. I see lots of plates in her future.

Anyway, it’s here I’ll leave you. Next time, things will undoubtedly happen!


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