An Emoted Uglacy Chapter 9: Cheese, Babies, and Businesses


And with this chapter, I’m all caught up to the ones I’ve got written! Now I just have to write two more that I have the pictures for and then I can finally play.

I dunno, the way sims constantly freak out over ghosts (even when they’ve seen the ghost a billion times before) in the Sims 3 is kind of irritating, but this is just silly.

Another pregnancy. At least Reagen won’t be hard to manage; just give her grilled cheese and she’s happy!

This is a constant in the household now. The sims that caught Pierre-Luc cheating take turns knocking over our trashcan and stealing the papers.

“How dare Reagen kiss her husband!”

(Yes, she is stealing the paper. For some reason it disappears when they get off the porch.)

Inside the house, Madeline has rolled the want to max all skills. She’s only got a few left, so I set her to it despite her already being perma-plat.

“Waah! Some lady knocked over the trashcan and now we have roaches!”

Are roaches really this traumatic in real life? I mean, really.

Pierre-Luc’s still grinding away at the robotics bench. I think he has a silver badge now?


One thing about having grilled cheese sims in the house is that there’s a constant stream of dirty plates. I think Mickey and Madeline are even neat, but they never autonomously clean.

Table interactions are very helpful for grilled cheese sims.

Meanwhile, Vivian seems to have taken a liking to barging into the house unannounced. Why, I don’t know, since she should still be angry with Pierre-Luc.

“Hey, I reached the top of my career and fulfilled my lifetime want!”

“Also, I’m old now.”

Well, then, let’s get you retired!

On the skilling front, Pierre-Luc wanted to max the body skill so I gave him a bike thingy.

“Augh, I’m going into labor!”

It’s a girl, name Pippi!

I am Pippi Looongstalking, if you say it fast it’s fu-nny. I am Pippi Looongstalking how I love my happy name.

Sorry, what?

Reagen, in true Grilled Cheese sim fashion, put Pippi in her crib and promptly finished her sandwich.

These are the robots Pierre-Luc has made so far. Still no gold badge!

Oh come on, I thought we were done with this now that Greg’s gone!

What are you even doing.

By the way, I gave Mickey a new outfit. I thought it fit him well.

Okay, Mickey, you’ve been standing there for a sim-hour. Either feed the baby or put her in her crib.

“But that would take work! I’d rather just set her on the floor for someone else to deal with.”


Welp, Madeline has now maxed all skills and reached the top of her chosen career. The only thing more I could do is try to fulfill her new lifetime want to have 50 dream dates, but… no.

The top lifetime aspiration perk for grilled cheese sims is to summon a grilled cheese sandwich.

It drains their energy, but apparently the sandwiches are magically bite-sized. Weird.

(Another thumbnail, sorry!) Vivian, stop it! You are not welcome in our house, so stop using our stuff!

“Hi! I’m Barry the Bear and I say you should recycle!”

“Sometimes you can recycle things you didn’t think you could! Did you know that you can recycle paint palettes, brush and paint and all?”

“Lady, I went to college. I know that’s not true.”


Time for Pippi to become a toddler!

“Grr. Stupid baby, stealing my attention!”

Why won’t you just leave?

“Wow, I think she already knows how to walk!”

Ha, I wish.

Meet Pippi Emote. She’s got 7 neat points, 3 or 4 outgoing points, 9 active points, 8 playful points, and 1 nice point.

Like a lot of the Emotes so far, she’s decent when you look at her from the front but really strange from the side. Greg’s nose has really done wonders for our genetics.

“Yay, my bed is still here!”


He disappeared a second after I took this picture. Weird.

“I’m just outside, patrolling!”

For what, I don’t want to know. Whatever it is, though, it makes him smile really creepily. *Shudder*

Pierre-Luc’s still not gotten his gold badge, but he has maxed his tinkering enthusiasm. Now he goes into THE ZONE (dramatic caps courtesy of me) when he makes robots.

What does THE ZONE do? I have no idea!

Then the matchmaker came by and dropped off a genie lamp. Huh.


Uh… you might want to turn a little bit.

“Can you make me beautiful? I want sims to love me!”

Mickey now has three bolts with every woman he knows except Reagen.

I had him wish for immunity from death or something like that, and then for beauty again; nothing really interesting.

“Genie, out!”

Three-bolt attraction, yay!

Whoa! I accidentally left Pippi in her crib for too long, and she climbed out! I’ve never seen that before!

(ANOTHER thumbnail? So sorry!) “I hate Dad!”

Uh oh. Did I just make a bitter little monster?

No matter, because Reagen’s in labor! Apparently I forgot to take a picture of her baby bump, whoops.

“What a wonderful performance, honey!”

Why does Mickey have to be so attractive?”

Whoa, natural twins! Both girls, named Ava and Amalia.

Madeline, not you too!

And then Pierre-Luc made a sentrybot. Helpful!

Okay, time for Pippi to become a child. Let’s see the damage!

This is actually a party, hence Paval’s presence.

Niiiice! Her cheeks are already all messed up!

Gosh, Paval, we get it, you like your wife. No need to make out with her during a kid’s birthday party.

…Then again, Pierre-Luc is in his pajamas.

That… doesn’t… Oh, never mind.

“So, you guys don’t ever expect me to make chili, right? I heard that’s the passion of some grilled cheese sim, but it’s not mine!”

“I certainly won’t!

“…Hey, Dad, what are you doing?”


“Hrmph. Bunch of ingrates, changing the subject.”

“No, Mom, it’s okay! I don’t want you to make chili; I hate chili!”

“I hate it so much I hate anyone who’s even ever made it!”

Watch out, Pippi. You don’t want to anger any sarcastic zombies.

“Aw, thank you, Pippi.”

“Oh, speaking of ghosts, Pippi, did you hear that your great-grandparents are out and about? You should keep an eye open!”

“Um… okay?”

“Oh my, Pierre-Luc is so hot!”

“My parents are weird.”

Birthday time! First up, Ava.

Whoa, nice custom hair!

“Hee hee! Me pwetty!”

She’s not really ugly, at least as a toddler. Oh well.

I only slightly remember her personality—I know that she’s got one mean point, same as Pippi, and I think her personality is otherwise similar. Either she or Amalia (who basically has the same personality as Ava), however, has more outgoing points than Pippi.

Speaking of Amalia, here she is.

Cheeks cheeks cheeks.

With the babies grown up, I sent the adults back out to start another business: The Emoted General Store. It’s got some robots that Pierre-Luc made, racks of clothing, makeover chairs, and a kitchen for Reagen to cook in.

Our first customers were… interesting.

“Ha ha, get a load of this guy! Apparently he never got the memo that going out in public while singed is embarrassing!”

Unfortunately, the makeover chairs refused to work; whenever I had a sim try to offer one or pitch to a browsing sim, they’d just stop.

So I replaced them with books. Also knives and wands, which I had to download for the meshes for other items.

“Listen, lady, we both know that shirt of yours isn’t doing you any favors. Now are you going to buy or not?”

“Okay, okay, I’ll buy them!”

O_o. In case you didn’t know, this is the simself of cowforbrains, who used to be renowned for killing sims. Apparently she’s gotten nicer over the years.

For some reason sims at our businesses have been really obsessed with water balloon fights.

This, by the way, is a professor. Nice custom content!

“How dare you try to show me books! I hate books!”

“Sorry, sorry!”

Poor Mickey just can’t catch a break.

Heh, and then Candi’s simself came and started looking at diet books. I quickly set her straight and had her browse the knives.

…On second thought, selling knives to a vampire may not have been a good idea.


“Hey! You made me use this while I was only in the green and now my motives are horrible!”

Oh, crap! Uh… quick, go talk to Madeline about grilled cheese!

There we go.

In the end, I managed to earn 20,000 or so simoleans and get the business up to level ten. And with that, I’ll leave you!


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