Weekly Haiku


I’ve recently become interested in and have started writing haiku, so I thought I might as well post them on the blog (especially given how inactive I’ve been lately). In reading about Haiku I’ve come across a lot of different, sometimes conflicting definitions of exactly what haiku in English should be. I’m still not entirely sure what the most widely excepted rules are, but I’ve settled on (at least for now) the classic 5-7-5 format.

I’ve also come across the idea that a haiku should contain two separate sections or ideas. I’m still a little unclear on what exactly this entails, but I’m trying to work it into the haiku I write (though the first one I wrote, The Beach, doesn’t really follow that structure).

Anyway, my goal going forward is to write about one haiku a day and post the weeks worth every Monday.

Hope you enjoy!

The Beach

The man sits alone

And watches the tide roll in,

Peaceful in his thoughts.


Wasted Time

What dull frustration:

A day wasted in tarry

On things of small worth.



Calm on the highway.

Would that life were as carefree

As the smooth paved road.



Moonlight on water.

Cool breeze tickles naked skin

and tussles our hair.


Little Moments

Oh simple pleasures.

What joy are new things in life

When shared with old friends



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