Weekly Haiku 2


Here are the haiku I’ve written since last week.



A soft, gray morning.

The gentle rain brings new life

To all Earth’s creatures.



Faint chill in the air.

City lights stretch on and on

‘Neath a starless sky.



Dark roads before me;

The moon peaks through hazy clouds

Watching as I go.



Clouds rise like mountains

Above the tall green forest.

Peace is a cool breeze.


Winter’s Chill

The harsh Winter chill

Bites at the skin of my face;

Would that Spring were here.



Solitary hawk.

What grace, what poise this creature

Perched quiet on the boughs.


Spider’s Web

Strange architecture.

Spider hangs from silken thread

Weaving its new home.


Ant’s March

Small things ramble on.

I mark the ant’s slow progress

Across my table.




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