Weekly Haiku 4


Here are this week’s haiku.


The Crow

Crow perched in young elm,

Staring and pecking and free;

What joy in such life.



What pleasure in art!

To create a thing from naught

And see its beauty.



Some fears must be voiced

Before they can diminish.

Peace returns in time.


Edge of Sleep

Half formed poetry

Sounds better on brink of sleep.

Fey dreams ramble on.


The Gardens

Cool in garden shade;

Bright hues of color abound

As distant birds sing.


Little Stream

Lazy Afternoon.

Water rushes on below

Dangled, naked feet.


Warm Skin

Sky of perfect blue;

Sun shines on verdant gardens

And warms my bare skin.



Little bee abuzz;

How dutiful in his task

So vital to all.



What shrunken beauty

Sits tranquil through winter months;

Small island of Spring.




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